I wrote out an entire post, only to have it completely eaten by WordPress.  Which means, that the post will wait until tonight and I’ll leave you with a short little blurp. :mrgreen:

Have you ever eaten with chopsticks? 

It is an experience. 

A little while back, the Broccoli Hut made a post on eating with chopsticks, and how it adds to the entire dining experience.  It slows you down.  Makes you notice that you’re eating.  I completely agreed.

I am a self-proclaimed inhaler of food.  Not when I’m eating out with friends and family or at a fancy schmancy restaurant.  But at home?  Yes.  I inhale.

Which is where chopsticks come in.  Now, let’s face it, not every meal can be eaten at a slow, leisurely pace.  There are times when I’ll need to wolf down a lunch in five minutes flat, and times when dinner is something that must be fit in—somehow, some way—despite being in a rush.  But there are also times when it’s important to slow down and enjoy the food that we’re eating.  Life is too busy.  It’s important to take time out and enjoy the day, whether by ourselves or with friends and family.

I’m convinced that part of the reason why people who consume the Mediterranean Diet are so healthy, is due not only to the foods that they eat, but also due to the fact that they eat. so. slowly.  A drink of wine here.  A laugh with a friend there.  A small bite every other conversation.  It’s so relaxed. 

Chopsticks, chopsticks, chopsticks (not that people on the Mediterranean Diet eat with chopsticks, but I’ve found it’s one of the easiest ways to slow the entire dining process down :mrgreen: )

So my challenge to you is to try using chopsticks.  For a meal.  Or a day (although eating oats with chopsticks may prove to be kind of challenging 😉 ).  Most grocery stores carry the free wooden kind that you can simply pick up and mess around with before investing in a pair.  They’re super simple to use once you get the hang of it.

The How-To of chopsticks

Don’t be intimidated.  And don’t be put off by the fact that you may drop food on your shirt at first.  True Story: I have olive oil stains on my t-shirt too.  But as everyone who uses chopsticks will attest to, it gets easier with time.  You’ll be a pro before you know it. 😀

Question: Have you ever used chopsticks?


17 thoughts on “chopsticks

  1. Oh no – was that the post about your wonderful weekend with your friend? Sad…

    As for chopsticks, whenever we make Chinese, Japanese, or Vietnamese types of meals at home, we use them. I was able to spend almost a month in Japan a few years ago, where I got to do a lot of practicing, and find sometimes that it doesn’t slow me down with eating (cause eating more slowly is something I need to practice too).

  2. I’ve never used chopsticks out of a chinese/japanese restaurant! This seems like a good challenge 😉 I will have to try it.
    One of my weekly goals will have to be an attempt at slowing down and enjoying things [food] a bit more.

  3. I rarely use chopsticks. There’s really only one meal made at my house that we religously pull the chopsticks out for. However, no matter what I have for dinner tonight, I’m going to use chopsticks! It should make for some fun eating!! I might put on a bib, though, because I’m likely to make a mess on myself.

  4. I love chopsticks!! I use them for everything that I can. I too am in inhaler, and it significantly slows me down. Especially for things like (cut up) fruit and satueed vegetables. I can really scoop those things down my gullet at an amazing speed – chopsticks reallllly help me out.

  5. I love eating with chopsticks but I just can’t with some things (like rice). I usually dont think about except when I make some kind of sushi or Japanese. I think you’re right about the Mediterranean diet working because they eat so slow and laugh and converse while eating

  6. I hate having my work or a blogpost eaten by the computer — it is the worst feeling.

    I cannot eat with chopsticks, well, I’ve never been able to. I try and get frustrated and then quit. But I think your reasoning makes alot of sense, since I too INHALE my meals.

  7. You can eat super fast with chopsticks. I do all the time. Watch a Japanese person eat. They hold their bowl close to their chin and sort of shovel rice into their mouth. With a little practice anyone can use chopsticks like a pro. PS in Japanese chopsticks are called “Hashi” pronounced HA SHE Note::: Before you cry racism, know that I am Japanese.

  8. i love this post! it made me giggle a little bit, because i find it more convenient to eat salads with chopsticks. you know those limp leaves at the bottome of your salad plate that, no matter how hard you try, won’t go on your fork? chopsticks to the rescue!

  9. My mom swears I learned to use chopsticks before I learned to use a fork, I don’t know if that’s entirely true, but I’m a quarter Japanese so it’s possible. I don’t use them all the time, but I’d say I use them more than most. I’ve never used them on a salad at home, but I think I’ll give it a try now that you’ve reminded me of the option.

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