goals and basil

Warning: My day was completely random.  This post will follow suit.  :mrgreen:

I love new months!!  Who cares if it’s August 4th, and I’m just now getting to this topic?  Not me!  I don’t think it’s ever too late to reflect on past goals, while also making new ones. 

July’s Goals

  • no tv for the month
  • incorporate strength training into my daily routine and learn to love it!




It was hard.  Really, really hard.  For the first week, I experienced serious withdrawals from not watching tv (sad, but true.)  But then it became easier.  And then—gasp—I actually enjoyed it.

Not watching tv felt almost liberating.  Freeing.  Satisfying.  Rejuvinating, even.  I felt alive, like it didn’t matter if I was back by 8 o’clock on Tuesday night to watch Jillian Michaels.  It didn’t matter.  I said yes to going out at night, even if it meant simply taking a walk or hitting the mall.  The night seemed longer and way more fulfilling.

And, I read.  A lot.  Seven books in one month is unheard of for me, but it was completely possible when I wasn’t being entertained by the tube.


That’s not to say I won’t ever watch tv again.  I like flipping it on during the weekends, and I love watching a great movie now and then.  But this was such an eye opener for me! 

The strength training goal?  Well…urm.  That could use some work.  I think I need to be more specific with my goals, which is what I plan on doing for the month of August.  I’ll reveal the official goals tomorrow. 😉


If a guy ever brings me a boquet of flowers, let it be basil.


Roses smell pretty, daisies make me smile, but basil makes me swoon. 

I was sent home with a ton—an absolute TON—of red and green basil today.  Jessica, a fellow nutrition major and foodie, told me that I could have as much of it as I liked since it was rapidly flowering and she had to compost a lot of it before it went to seed.  I was more then happy to take it off her hands. 😉

Basil.  So.  Much.  Basil.

Tonight, I quickly transformed a large bunch of it into my homemade basil hummus.  It was the perfect accompaniment to my salad and kashi crackers.

 And cheese.

I’m obsessied with this Drunken Goat’s Cheese from Whole Foods.  The rind is soaked in red wine, which gives it the outer red color.  None of the flavor is absorbed though.  You’re left with a clean, mild goat cheese flavor, which melts at the touch of a finger.  It’s delicious. 

Goals.  Basil.  Cheese.

Sorry for such a random post.  My day felt random, and it seems that my post turned out that way too.  Sometimes you just have to roll with it. 😉 

Question: What is your favorite way to use basil?  I’m excited to have a ton of basil because it’s my favorite herb.  But since I have so much, I need some serious inspiration! 😀


24 thoughts on “goals and basil

  1. I love making big batches of walnut pesto and freezing it, which I haven’t done in years but hope to this fall.

    Great goals. I find it challenging to go without television, but even more of a challenge to go without the internet. What would we do without it? (Not blog, I guess.)

  2. I read Lunch in Paris earlier this summer! It was cute…not my favorite foodie book, but the recipes were interesting, as well as her journey in Paris.

    Way to go with the TV goal – I actually ended up watching waaay more TV than I usually do…whoops :-/

  3. Caprese Salad! I love the combination of juicy tomato, smooth mozzarella, and flavorful basil! Yum!

    And the random post was fun to read!!

  4. Hopefull my fave way will be with hummus, I must make my own basil hummus, it looks yum! i just love smelling basil! Tomato and basil soup or fresh itialian bread with chunks of garlic and fresh basil, yum!! or stirred into an indian dish at the very end. Its so versatile!

  5. You can buy (or make) a foccia bread… Cut it in half lengthwise and broil it until crispy. Top the bottom half of the bread with your favorite lean meat, mayo (or holaindase sauce, as the recipe called for), sliced tomatoes, and lots of fresh basil. Add the other half and cut into serving size pieces. Soooo yummy!!

  6. That goat cheese sounds so delicious.
    And I love basil, too. So much that I don’t have a favorite recipe. But I do love it on pizza and just this week I made bruschetta for my mozzarella stuffed turkey burgers that was soooooo stinkin’ good.

  7. I mostly use basil in pasta dishes or on pizza. Nothing too exciting!

    I know that when I choose to not watch tv at all at night I get so much more done! That is awesome that you go through so many books!

  8. Random posts are good! I love Molly Wizenberg. You should read her archives on Orangette (orangette.blogspot.com) Her writing is so beautiful.

    You should make a big batch of pesto and freeze some! You can even freeze it in ice cube trays, so that you can defrost a little at a time. It’s wonderful to taste summer in pesto form during the winter!

  9. Congrats on the goals, I’m proud! And basil: that smell is just ‘summer’ to me! I love it in italian dishes like pasta…the combination with tomato and mozzarella is just: heaven!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  10. I can’t even think of a word to describe what I feel upon looking at the basil hummus and goat cheese. woah, total speechless-ness. To put it simply – I am a goat cheese FAN – and I greatly want to try this combo! 😉

    My favorite way to use Basil would be in a thai basil stir fry. This would work with any type of stir fry, not just thai, just add heaps of basil to vegetable + olive oil + garlic + any other spices/seasonings you have on hand/come to mind and you are set.

  11. I’ve tried to cut back on tv too. I totally had withdrawls for a while because it was just such a HABIT. But I’ve gotten more used to it and find myself doing more of the things I like!

  12. I’m with you about a bouquet of basil. It makes me swoon too. Sometimes I’ll just pop a leaf into my mouth I love it so much! Favorite use is probably onto a homemade margarita pizza! Caprese salads too! Simple and delicious 🙂

  13. ooohhh i am loving this post! first, that basil hummus looks AMAZING. second, how is that “lunch in paris” book? it caught my eye. and third, i used to be the world’s hugest tv watcher. now, i can’t tell you the last time i turned mine on, and i am pretty sure my life is better for it. plus, if i need to catch up on pop culture, there is always people magazine 🙂

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