rest day

I love to blog.  Write.  Express my thoughts, however random or crazy they come. 

I love to blog.

Which is exactly why I didn’t last night.

I halfheartedly stepped away from my computer.  A rest day, of sorts.  For my brain and for my legs.  No blogging.  No running.  No biking.  No thinking.  Just…rest.

It’s hard to do, this ‘rest’ thing.  My entire life is kind of, sort of, all on my laptop.  Between the dietetic internship coming up, my blog, keeping in touch with friends and family, it’s all here.  At my fingertips.  On my laptop.

It felt good to step away from it all.  Freeing.  A breath of fresh air.

I spent my day taking a test drive out to where my internship will be (don’t want to get lost on my very first day!) with my dad, ordered a grande soy iced coffee, and shopped at whole foods.  The night ended with me eating a chicken sausage, sweet potato fries, and a bowl of vanilla icecream and peaches on my sister’s bed, watching Valentines Day while cuddling with two big bundles of fur known as Stitch and Highstreet.  It was the perfect day of resting, and was exactly what I needed for my brain.  My legs.  My sanity.

The internship starts on Wednesday.  Wednesday!  I can hardly believe how quickly it’s come.  It’s leaving me excited, anxious, nervous.  And full of nostalgia.  I must have looked at all my old freshman photos at least half a dozen times.  “Remember when?”

I’m big into walking down memory lane. 😉

The good news is that I’m feeling completely refreshed this morning.  I noshed on a whole wheat bagel, slathered in almond butter and honey roasted peanut butter, feeling 100% rejuvinated.  A rest day always leaves my brain feeling incredibly creative: ready to finish my powerpoint presentation! 😀  A rest day leaves my legs feeling antsy and energetic: ready for a 3 mile run!  A rest day leaves me excited for the internship and a whole new schedule that I’ll be introduced to.

Ready. 😀

Question: Do you ever take rest days?  Do you take them randomly (when you feel you need them) or do you have a set day where you try to plan a rest day?


16 thoughts on “rest day

  1. Glad you got some rest! I would be feeling the same as you if I were walking in your shoes right now. I’m sure the internship will be everything and more than you expect and you will soon trade out your nostalgic feelings of college to your desire to be where you are. 🙂 I struggle with relaxation. I always feel like I should be doing something or I catch myself spending too much time on the computer. I really need to take a day to just put it all aside and enjoy summer. I start classes a week from Wednesday so I guess I don’t have much time! lol I hope you have a great day!!

  2. Rest days are the best, and I think it is smart to take a rest from the computer as well! We all need to recharge at some point.

    I take Wednesdays off of exercise, and on the weekends if I’m not feeling up for it, I skip my workout on Sundays. That way I can relax and recharge.

  3. I usually take one rest day a week from any kind of exercise, but I like that you implemented a full rest day – of blogging, exercise, and other activities that feel like work.

    When I traveled in Israel I had the opportunity to spend weekends with Orthodox Jewish families who fully rest on Saturdays – no television, no driving, nothing. I loved spending my time reading, hanging out with people, and eating food. I don’t rest nearly as much as I probably should, week to week.

  4. I’m not very good about taking a rest day, at least when it comes to school. I usually set aside one day a week and force myself NOT to do anything school related. Recharge time…me time! Then there are those days when my body and mind tell me I’m not going be productive, no matter how hard I try. Those days (which are rare) end up being rest days as well.

    PS Those bagels look tantalizingly delicious!! I wish there was virtual taste testing!

  5. I love time to recharge. I try to take a rest day on Sundays…blog, exercise, everything. It doesn’t always happen, but I try! Good for you for taking a step back.

  6. I’m sure you’ve mentioned it, but where’d you get the internship at? I’m really excited to follow you as you go through it since I’ll hopefully be in the same position next year!

    • UMass! The nice part about this internship is that they’re able to find preceptors and location sites around where I live, vs. having to travel to some of the further areas. 😀

  7. yum. I also love whole wheat bagels (or pumpernickle) with peanut butter and bananas. That was my post run meal after all my long runs training for the marathon last year!

    I take one rest day per week and one other day I just do yoga with no cardio (other than walking around the city). I’ve definitely found that a rest day is necessary for my muscles and to keep injuries at bay.

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