lunch on the go

There have been countless occasions when frozen bananas have saved my breakfast.

You all know how my Wednesdays tend to roll.  The kitchen is bare of any and all fresh foods.  Which usually leaves me munching on prunes and frozen peas. 

That’s where the frozen banana comes in.  Whenever  a banana appears to be approaching the last of its days, I simply peel it and pop it into a ziplock bag for the freezer.  I can’t tell you how many times this has literally saved my breakfast.  Saved my life!  I’m not even being over-dramatic (okay, maybe a little.)  They’re great for making a perfectly smooth, sweet smoothie.  They’re great for hot morning oats, when heated directly in the liquid.

And they’re also great sliced in “un”overnight oats.  Like little marshmallows in every bite, I kid you not.

This morning, I decided to sleep in until the ripe old hour of 6:15, rather then wake up for an early morning run.  The plan was to go out for a run once I came home from the internship’s orientation at 5 o’clock.  I’m not much of an evening runner, but I figured it was worth giving it a shot for that extra 30 minutes of sleep this morning. 😉

Morning snacks included some almonds and a juicy peach (not pictured.)

Lunch involved some homemade basil hummus and a chopped tomato from the garden.  These tomatoes are so sweet and juicy, I think I could eat them straight up like an apple. :mrgreen:

There were also raw veggie sticks (peppers, carrots and celery), an orange, some kashis for dunking and a cheesestick.

After packing my lunch, I realized I need help.  Which is why I’m asking you guys this next question:  How do you pack your lunches for work/school?  I felt so environmentally damaging today, with all those bags and wasted plastic.  I think I could use a shopping trip just for containers.  Any recommendations or ideas?

Save a tree.  Help me out.

Today was the second day of orientation.  I’m starting to get a feel for what my schedule will look like, but there’s still a lot happening that I haven’t quite wrapped my head around yet.  So far, it’s looking like the next two weeks will entail preclinical intensive training.  Basically, it’s a major refresher course on past Medical Nutrition Terminology classes.  Revisiting the different diets (renal, diabetic, etc.), looking at medical vocabulary, and jam packing the brain full of everything that I’ve learned in the past 4 years.  It’s going to be intense!

Following the 2 weeks of preclinical training (August 31 to be exact!), I’ll be going to my first of three rotations, the “Food Service Rotation”, which is going to be at a high school.  I’m so excited! 

I decided to treat myself to a Decaf Soy Misto for the ride home. 😀

Once home, I grabbed a medjool date for some pre-run energy before hightailing it out the door to beat the rain.

I fit in a good 3-mile run, but definitely felt sore from…well…sitting down all day!  I had to work out a few kinks for the first 1/4 mile before feeling like I could stretch out my legs a little more.  A sore calf.  A tight shoulder.  All those random things that simply float away after a few minutes of running. 😀 

All in all, it was a pretty good run for being a late evening run.  Hopefully once the Food Service Rotation starts, I can switch back to morning runs, which is when I feel my best and most energetic.  We’ll see. 😀

Dinner was on the table when I came home, thanks to mom’s pizza skills.

I had a side salad for some veggies and c-r-u-n-c-h.  With a drizzle of EVOO and a sprinkle of sea salt.

pizza slice x 2

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! :mrgreen: 


Question: What do you pack your lunches/snacks in when you need to eat away from home?  I’m still trying to find ways to be “more green” when packing my snacks and lunches.  I think tomorrow’s lunch will be a vast improvement from today. 😉


18 thoughts on “lunch on the go

  1. I have these reusable Snack Taxis I use, plus ziploc containers. I’d feel bad about wasting all that plastic too if I didn’t have them since I try to be super environmentally conscious! All your salads look so crisp and delicious by the way

  2. Mmm – that pizza looks good! And I do the same with bananas. In fact, this morning I was out of bananas – quick fix was in the freezer!
    And I use tonnns of tupperware. For little things like my chunks of energy, crackers, stuff like that – I’ll use a baggie, but I re-use them so they last a while. So I’m sort of a mix–n-match’er 😛

  3. I use all kinds of containers, and a friend bought my boyfriend and I each one Snack Taxi, which are reusable bags that fit sandwiches and bagels perfectly. Leftover plastic bags from bread and tortillas and things get used over a couple of times too. Glass is great too, like the little Bell canning jars, which can fits berries or snacks and things.

  4. Tupper ware is my best friend when packing lunches, seriously, so many different sizes and shapes, youll definitely find something suitable. i used to freeze nanners when i was a kid, never woulda thought they would save someones life one day x

  5. I have to pack my lunch and snacks almost every day for work… and I use tupperware containers. I never use ziplock bags or plastic wrap because it is such a waste. It sucks to clean out all the containers, but it’s worth it. I also like to re-use my nut butter jars and hummus containers 🙂

    That pizza looks divine! Oh my gosh.. I need to get out of the dinner rut I am in because I am so inspired right now 😛
    ❤ Tat

  6. Tupperwares & old jars are really useful. I love packing fruit in old AB jars because it’s a guarentee they won’t get bruised!

  7. There are some bananas on my counter that seriously need to be frozen now… or turned into banana bread. 🙂 And I’m constantly using tupperware, although I probably could use plastic bags less myself.

  8. I don’t pack my lunch out that often, and when I do I find myself just wrapping everything in plastic wrap and throwing it in my purse. Probably not the best idea. When I put more thought into it, though, I try and use glass containers with reusable lids.

  9. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous eats! that fresh tomato with basil hummus looks absolutely stunning, and i am sure tasted even better 🙂

    i am a huge fan of tupperware. i have so much of it, in different sizes, and its great to grab and go. some of them even have separate compartments, so you could pack your lunch all in one!

    happy (almost) weekend!!!

  10. I use these cute little Tupperware type things and zip top plastic bags for crackers or what have you. I usually reuse the plastic bags until I decide they’ve served their purpose in life. I hate using bags and cling film as well. 🙂

  11. I’m always so thankful on mornings when I run out of fresh bananas and I remember I have one in the freezer. Breakfast just would not be the same without a banana! 😛

    I pack my lunch in tupperware. I have so many in all different sizes for all my different foods!

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