lucky leftovers

(appropriate title for Friday the 13th?)

I opted to delay breakfast for an hour this morning, after deciding that a full meal at 5:30 would leave me starving by 8.  I don’t mind throwing in a snack here and there to tide me over, but I don’t want to be scarfing down lunch by 10. 😉

I snagged a date, guzzled some water, and carried on with every other morning ritual.  By the time I was finished, there was a good 30 minutes left for me to enjoy breakfast.  This worked out so perfect.  I’d much rather be eating breakfast at 6:30 vs. 5:30. 😉

Another beet green smoothie in a bowl!!  This time I added in 1/2 a frozen banana and topped it off with a sprinkle of Natures Path Pumpkin Flax Granola.  Delish. 😀

On the side, a whole wheat english muffin smeared with Teddy pb.

Natural lighting is so much nicer, but unfortunately, it was still pitch dark out this morning due to the cloudy overcast, so breakfast was eaten indoors. 😉

A packed morning snack: peach and almonds

Thank you all so much for all the great tips and advice for helping me become more green when it comes to packing my lunches!  I think I need to plan a shopping trip to Target soon, and stock up on some tupperware containers, in a variety of sizes.

Today, I didn’t use one plastic bag for packing lunch, and I was pretty proud of that fact.  I’m well on my way to becoming an earth friendly lunch-packer. :mrgreen:

Salads are my favorite go-to lunch choice.  They always taste so fresh, crunchy, delicious.  Very refreshing.  Today’s combo included all the basics (tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, mushrooms) plus some garbanzo beans, a drizzle of EVOO and a sprinkle of sea salt.  On the side I had some kashis, which fit perfectly in my little canning jar. 😀


Notice anything missing?

Yes, that would be a fork.  I completely forgot to pack along a fork for my salad, which resulted in my running to a local cafe to ask (or…beg) if they would please let me have a fork.  I think the girl felt sorry for me, and she was kind enough to send me away with two. 😉

Last day of orientation today!!

These three days have absolutely flown by.  The preclinical training begins on Monday, and I have a massive amount of organizing and homework to do over the weekend.  I’m actually really excited for it all.  It feels good to be back into a routine, and I love filling in a new planner and organizer. 

On the way home, I decided to make a pit stop at Starbucks for a grande iced soy misto.  For money purposes, I can’t let this starbucks thing become a habit, by the way.  But it was definitely a fabulous treat for the 2 hr. drive home. 😀

Leftover pizza should never be microwaved.  Ever. 

If you think that’s a bold statement or happen to feel offended, don’t be.  I’ve been known to throw leftover pizza into the microwave too.  Or eat it cold, which is a pleasure in and of itself.  But, really, if you want to experience leftover pizza as if it was just freshly made that night, you need to heat it on a pan.

Like so:

I simply place the slices on a nonstick pan at medium heat, cover it, and let it heat up for a good 5-10 minutes. 

Crispy.  The crust is so, so, so crispy.  And the cheese melts right into the dough.  It’s perfect.  And that is why it’s the only way that leftover pizza should ever be reheated. 

I added some spinach to my pizza for some extra flavor and veggies.  Simply dethaw the spinach in the microwave, drain the liquid and chop it up a bit with a knife.  Then—voila!  Spinach pizza. 

I followed my dinner with a brisk 2.5 mile walk and 20 minutes of yoga.  After sitting down all day, it felt absolutely delicious to s-t-r-e-t-c-h and walk.  Delicious!

So excited for the upcoming weekend!  Tomorrow I’m going over Nicole’s house for a cookout/bbq with friends, and I offered to make a dessert and bring some hummus & veggies.  Any brilliant dessert recipes?? 😀

Question: What is your favorite way to eat leftover pizza? 


15 thoughts on “lucky leftovers

  1. Love that pizza heating idea. I usually preheat the oven and let the slices warm up that way, but it takes a while, and uses up an awful lot of energy, so I’ll have to try your method.

    As for desserts, I don’t have a specific recipe in mind, but I love King Arthur Flour recipes, which can be searched on their website. Actually, they have a basic cobbler recipe that works well with any fruit – I’ve tried it with blueberries and peaches.

  2. Your indoor lighting is so much better than mine, don’t fret! I can’t seem to find a good spot in my house. I couldn’t agree more on microwave pizza. I like to use my toaster oven, though a skillet is a fine idea, too!

    Two hours of traffic? You poor thing. You definitely needed the Bucks!

  3. I love waking up early (if I’ve had enough sleep hehe), but the problem of having lunch too early does arise every so often. I, like you, snack throughout the day so that often saves me luckily. 🙂

    Starbucks is so bad because once you’ve had it one day you want it everyday! lol They must put some drug in the drinks to make it impossible to stay away…hahah

  4. Honestly, everything you eat makes me drooooool! That pizza looks amazing! i love heating my pizza up in some walnut oil for some flavaa! Yoga makes me feel amazing at the end of the day, gives my boy a nice release from all the work and such that keeps my day busy. Your breakfast looks fantastic! Have a great day ❤

  5. Thanks for the pizza heating tip. I see you used a glass container for your lunch, im always using my empty nutbutter jars for breakfasts on the go, oats or yoghurt combinations actually work really well in them and i can just recylce them once im done-another tip if u want to use it ;D

  6. I usually bring leftover pizza in my lunch and eat it cold. Delicious!

    Have you ever tried frozen grapes? Can’t pack them for lunch, but they’re still a great dessert.

  7. It’s funny, but I usually don’t eat leftover pizza. I don’t know why! I might have to try it once using your nifty reheating technique, though!!

  8. That lunch looks SO good!! I have found that I am terrible at packing salads. I don’t know why – I just can’t pack a decent salad, lol.
    And I agree 100% with your pizza reheating method 🙂 A toaster oven also works really well – but never a microwave!

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