weekend post: summer & salads

You know how some parents joke that they want to put a brick on their kids’ heads in order to stop them from growing?  I was kind of thinking.  Is it possible to do this with summer?

Today I wore a light hoodie and a pair of jeans.  “Hoodie weather” (i.e., roughly 70 degrees) is incredibly comforting and cozy.  On a numerical scale, such a day would receive a 10 out of 10, with 10 being the most ideal, perfect, and delicious of days.  But at the same time, I’m not ready for summer to be over.  Not yet.  I know there will still be plenty of warm days around the corner, but I want summer to last.  And last.  And last.

It’s not just the warm weather that I want to hold on to.  It’s the fresh garden tomatoes—tiny, yellow tear drops falling from the flowering plants.  It’s the freshly canned beets, boasting their deep, summery colors.  It’s the fresh basil hummus that I made in the morning, after snipping away in the herb garden.


If only placing a brick on a kid’s head would stop him from growing.  If only I could hold on to summer forever.

If only.

But then, there wouldn’t be any apple picking, would there?  Or snowshoeing.  Or baking cranberry nut breads and roasting acorn squash.  Or dethawing by a warm woodstove after coming in from the frigid weather.  Or being handed a hot cocoa two weeks before Christmas, while decorating the tree.  Or witnessing the magic of winter’s first snowfall.

I guess this is why I will always call myself a true New Englander. 

Question: If you had the choice, would you make summer last forever or do you enjoy the other seasons as well?


15 thoughts on “weekend post: summer & salads

  1. That is such a beautiful salad… I love how deep ppurple the beets are!

    If I had the choice, I think I would stick to summer and fall 😛 I’m not too crazy about the winter because I hate the snow and the cold… but I absolutely adore the changing leaves!

    ❤ Tat

  2. too funny you should post about this – i was just thinking today how i couldn’t wait until i had “baking weather.” this toaster oven is getting old, even if it is convenient. and then i realized that i wouldn’t be able to enjoy so much fresh fruit and produce, and would complain after just a day of riding my pony and doing horse chores in frigid winter. but i’m also longing for curling up under covers with hot cocoa while it’s blizzarding outside. how can my desires be so opposite of each other?!

  3. I’m a fan of all 4 seasons! A warm (but not sweltering hot) summer, crisp weather in the fall and spring, and chilly weather in the winter. Unfortunately, Alabama was cursed with overbearingly HUMID and HOT summers, and whimpey winters 😦 Not a good balance!

  4. Such a lovely post, so well written! If I had a choice, I would let myself experience all the seasons! I wouldn’t be able to live longer than a year without lovely pumpkin! How would I live without fresh apples and hot chocolate as well! I like seasonal fruits and veggies and although come winter I am deeply going to miss my garden and fresh berries, I’m going to experience delicous winter stews and homemade breads 🙂

  5. This sounded so poetic!! Your salad looks DELICIOUS!! If I could, I would make it so that there was only three seasons: spring, summer, and fall with just a sprinkle of winter in all the right places. 🙂

  6. I have the same feelings as you. While I love the four seasons (as a New Englander), it’s so hard to let go of our short summers. I suppose it would be more ideal still have the four seasons, but have a longer summer and shorter winter. But that would mean living somewhere different altogether, like Pennsylvania or Delaware, perhaps. Not sure I could give up the four seasons, for now, anyway.

  7. I like the other seasons to be honest, i might make winter and fall shorter, but i love the crips, bright and dry autumn mornings and the leaves changing colour, I love the dark midnight blue sky in the winter adn curling up by the fire. Then, after all this, I appreciate the summer. ;D

  8. As tempting as it would be to have summer all year long we might no appreciate it as much. Like what makes dessert special is the fact that you don’t eat it at every meal. There are also so many memories to be had during the other seasons that I am looking forward to! 😉

  9. awwww beautiful post! this simultaneously made me want to stop summer and accelerate into fall. i am totally with you – i am a midwestern gal through and through who likes her changes of seasons.

    and what is all in that salad? please do share, because it looks AMAZING!!!

    happy Monday 🙂

  10. I love the seasons — even though I love “hoodie weather” the most. That is the perfect description of that time of year! I love when it is “almost cold” out — where you need jeans and long sleeve shirt, but not a hat or gloves. And when having a hot cup of tea outside is the most glorious thing.

    But I also love winter and summer. I guess that is what I love about living in MN — we get to experience the seasons. My sister lives in OK and although it gets colder in the “wintertime”, they don’t get the extreme temps like I do!

  11. P.S. So far I’ve tried the Spicy Tomato Soup and the Zuccanoes from the New Moosewood Cookbook. I really liked the Zuccanoes! It was super easy but really good. The soup was good but not spicy..just a regular tomato soup which is good for me!

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