dining al fresco

My family’s form of proof that we are experiencing an exceptionally warm day:

Hot, hot, H-O-T!!

All I wanted was a chilly breakfast.

  • 1/2 c. uncooked oatmeal
  • 6-oz. plain yogurt
  • 1 c. frozen blueberries
  • toppings after mixing above together: 2 T. walnuts, 1 tsp chia seeds, 2 T. blueberry granola

This hit the spot!  I always forget to use blueberries in my breakfast, but I’m always happy for the tasty (and super healthy!) addition. 😀

Along with breakfast, I even had the time for a morning 2-mile walk.  I need to make this happen more often.  It was such a lovely way to start the day, leaving me focused and energized.  I almost—almost—even forgot to grab my coffee before heading to work.  😉

Last packed lunch for the week!

I made things easy on myself by throwing together this salad while making last night’s dinner.  They were one and the same, except for the addition of garbanzos and feta cheese which made the salad.  I love a little bit of salt on my salads, and usually that means adding a dash of sea salt.  The feta cheese is super salty though, and a little bit goes a long way.  Love it. 😀

Along for the ride, there was a pink lady apple, some almonds, and a slightly overripe (but still delicious) pear.

Once again, lunch was eaten at a normal time.  Right after reading about the National School Lunch program, looking over the schools’ budget, and working some more on job descriptions, I took my cooler out and noshed away.   

And then I was off with my preceptor to meet up with a catholic school that’s trying to join in on the National School Lunch program.  It was interesting to hear all their questions, what was being offered to them, and how the lunch delivery would be arranged, etc.  The government is very, very specific about what kids can eat and what constitutes a ‘complete meal’ (not that I always agree with what they consider a “complete meal,” but that’s a different discussion for a different time 😉 ) and any school that wants to be reimbursed for the meals must follow these guidelines.  It’s really interesting.

The meeting lasted until about 3’ish, my preceptor chatted with me for 15-30 minutes, and then I was on my way home for a nice, long weekend!!!!

Afternoon Snack: cottage cheese, TJ’s high fiber cereal, peanut butter

Dining al fresco tonight!

I appreciate eating at home so much more, now that many of my meals are eaten away.  There’s something so relaxing about kicking off my flip-flops, walking through the warm summer grass, sitting at the picnic table and just—mmmmm—relaxing, chatting, dining.   

I made an “everything but the____” salad for tonight’s dinner. 

Large green salad, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes—the basics.  Topped with mashed turnips, grilled chicken seasoned with cajun and garlic, and some grilled, roasted potatoes seasoned with garlic powder, paprika, and parsley.

Twas’ delicious. 😀 

With a glass of pinot grigio.  Light, fruity, summery.

I am so looking forward to having a day to just catch up on everything!  I’ve let all my emails and paperwork pile up over these past three days.  It’s going to feel so good to be organized once again. :mrgreen:

Question: Favorite salad combination?


16 thoughts on “dining al fresco

  1. Salads are endless! My favorite as of right now though happens to be a mix of tomatoes and peppers, with lots of beans (I prefer kidney, but any will do just fine) and hummus! Now that I see it though, I bet beans and feta make a wonderful pair!

    ❤ Tat

  2. I’ve been wanting to buy pears at the store, but hard when there are still summer fruits to be eaten!
    Love everything salads, good way to get rid of everything in the fridge.

  3. Before I even read your question I was going to give u a salad recipe I think u may like. I only tried the dressing for the first time yesterday, but there main part of the salad is one of my faves.

    Baby Spinach leaves and optional rocket
    Toasted flakes almonds
    Toasted Pine Nuts
    Shaves of Parmesan Cheese

    Olive Oil- a little
    Lemon Juice
    Fresh Tarragon
    Nigella Seeds
    Mustard seeds
    Cardomom seeds
    Some vineger

    Its soo good and I think youd like it. For some protein you can add chickpeas or chicken or tofu. Tofu is the nicest with it in my opinion.

    F x

    • That sounds awesome! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe. I’m always looking for new homemade salad dressings and ideas. 😀

  4. Breakfast looked fantastic! I eat a loootttt of salads, but I have two tied for my favorite:

    1) Chicken, walnuts, dried sour cherries, red onion, gorgonzola, dark greens, and balsamic

    2) Turkey, avocado, manchego, pear, romaine, and dijon mustard

  5. Ohh I love salads with beans and roasted sweet potato, squash, carrots..lots and lots of roasted veg basically, all topped with dried cranberries and crumbled crackers 🙂 yum!

  6. Hmmm. Favorite salds are numerous, but it’s definately a triple tie between:

    *-Spinach, strawberries, feta, and pecans

    *- Spinach, warm roasted squash, goat cheese, sunflower seeds, and dried apricots/cranberries

    *-Spinach, cottage cheese, chickpeas, and feta

    YUM. I’m thinking salad for lunch… lol.


    Emily (aka Curly Top)

  7. I’m so jealous!! It’s been freezing here (like in the 50s) for the last two days and it’s miserable. I would LOVE to dine al fresco with you and that yummy looking salad. 🙂

  8. ohhhh good question!

    sunflower seeds
    veggie burger
    honey lime vinaigrette

    so i just made that up, but how good does it sound? 🙂

  9. That’s my kind of salad!

    I often forget to put blueberries in my breakfast too even though they’re one of my favorite fruits!

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