So. Not. Normal.

Today wasn’t very normal.

I randomly decided to run 5 miles, even though it wasn’t “in the plan.” 

I woke up at 6, went back to bed for an hour, and leisurely woke myself up with a hot cup of coffee in bed. 

I stayed in my pj’s for most of the morning. 

So.  Not.  Normal.

And then I went for a walk in the rain.  Okay, okay…this is completely normal for me.   And yes!  I wore shoes. 

I felt a little nauseous this afternoon.  No appetite.  No desire for food of any sorts. 

I could only stomach a garbanzo bean + avocado + lettuce wrap for dinner.  And felt stuffed to the brim.

So.  Not.  Normal. 

The rest of the day wasn’t very normal either.  Still not feeling 100% in good health, I drove to the grocery store with ginger ale on my mind and on my list. 

I ended up driving home with a bottle of Mandarin Orange Sparkling water… 

And a dark chocolate bar.  Don’t ask my why dark chocolate sounded so good when I wasn’t feeling well, but I guess this is a good sign that I’m not that sick. 😉

Some normal things about today:

  • I went for a 2-mile, post dinner walk in the rain.
  • I chatted with my sister about our plans for tomorrow.
  • I journaled.
  • I pat a goofy black lab named Molly.
  • I laughed.  A lot.

Now I’m going to relax with a good movie, my sparkling water and a cup of tea. 

So.  Very.  Normal.


17 thoughts on “So. Not. Normal.

  1. I hope you feel better soon! Hopefully it was just an “off” day and you can still do the plans you have in mind with your sister tomorrow 🙂
    i’ve never seen that sparkling water before – but it sounds really good! And as an aside – I am always going to the store with one thing in mind, and wind up with something else 😛

  2. Well, apparently there is something going on with the planets and stuff like that at the moment so that may explain some of the symptoms that you are experiencing, and weather changes, like rain could contribute too. Just a theory, but i choose to listen to it cause im feeling weird at the mo too.

  3. Hope you feel better! Love that water… and I laughed when I read that you bought chocolate too. I’m like that sometimes. I’ll crave something that I shouldn’t and just eat it anyway. Because when you’re sick, anything goes!

  4. Hope you’re feeling better today. When I traveled to India with a good friend of mine, she brought lots of dark chocolate, and always fed us pieces when our stomachs didn’t feel quite right. She was convinced, and convinced me, that it heals an upset stomach.

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