weekend post: my most favorite of things

Thank you all for the get well wishes!  I’m still not feeling completely myself today, but at least I was able to do everything that I had set my plans—and my heart—on doing.  I can tell that my immune system is hard at work fighting something off, and I’m sure by tomorrow I’ll be back to normal.  😀

Today was filled to the brim with a few of my most favorite of things.  It all started with an early morning walk.

And a bowl of your basic oatbran.

This bowl of creaminess was filled—and topped—with warm, sweet bananas.  With a sprinkle of walnuts and chia seeds.  Plus a drizzle of fresh maple syrup.

A short breezy morning walk + a warm, filling breakfast + a hot cup of coffee = just a few of my most favorite of things.

Next on the list: hitting up a farmers market with my sis.  My best friend (aka, Nicole from Simple Moments.) 

We ooohed and ahhhed our way through thai basil, fresh organic kale, peppery radishes, and rainbow colored heirloom tomatoes.  It was nearly impossible not to buy everything in sight.  I’m sure you understand. 😀

And I also spent some time with my fur-nephew Stitch.  He desparately needed a manicure, which is a two-woman job. 😉  Nicole held him, while I snipped away.  He’s such a sweetie-pie, and just acts all upset and hurt vs. scratching or biting.  The poor little guy gave me the saddest look, with an expression that said, “I thought you loved me.”

The post-manicure kitty treats seemed to make up for any hurt feelings. :mrgreen:

 Spending time with Nicole + spending time with Stitch + hitting up a farmers market and feeling 100% inspired to continuously eat fresh and local = just a few of my most favorite of things.

My dad is convinced that everything tastes better when it’s cooked over an open fire. 

I’m convinced that he’s right.

Dad built a gigantic tripod, complete with a chain link to attach a cooking pot. 

Dinner over an open fire.  It felt so early American.  Completely primitive.

On the menu: split pea soup!

 And crackers for dunking.

My bowl was filled, filled, filled to the brim with warmth. 

 But wait!  No campfire is complete without s’mores.  It would be so wrong not to bring out the graham crackers, the fluffy marshmallows and the dark chocolate squares.

Step 1: toast a marshmallow.

Step 2: Redo ‘Step 1’ as necessary.

Step 3: Top the toasted ‘mallow with a square of dark chocolate.

Step 4: Ooze together. 

Dad’s s’more—obviously—came out perfect.

Step 5: Enjoy.  Each.  Bite. 

Don’t be afraid to get all messy.

A campfire + Split Pea Soup cooked over a fire + ooey, gooey s’mores = a few of my most favorite of things.

Twas a deliciously wonderful Saturday.  In every sense of the word. 😀

Goodnight World!!

Question: What were a few of your favorite things about today?


15 thoughts on “weekend post: my most favorite of things

  1. So glad you’re feeling better! I hope tomorrow is 100%!

    Well, for starters, today was gorgeous. A high of 78 degrees. Autumn is just around the corner! Secondly, I got my first Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Iced Caffe of the season. Mmmmmmm 🙂 Last but not least, spending time with my sis which is always number one on my list. 🙂

  2. Oh. my. word. Your pictures in this post are absolutely gorgeous. I think each one was stared at for at least a minute before moving on to the next. Simply perfect.
    And I love your favorites, too! Your farmer’s market sounds so wonderful, as does the day in general. I love that you cooked soup over an open fire!
    I hope you’re back to your usual self tomorrow, and felt a bit better today. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. Oh my God, can I come to your house. That sounds like my idea of an absolutely perfect day, uber jealous right now considering i was at work all day when you were enjoying all the farmers marker, smore, open fire goodness. Your kitty is so cute and fyi, I have that same blue top, American Eagle or Forever 21 non, cant remember where I got it ;D

  4. … oh! I can see why 🙂 Sounds like you had a fabulous day. Good enough to drown out any of the attack signals your body’s immune system is trowing at you!

    Can you believe that I’ve never had a real s’more? I feel so Canadian 😛 Haha! I guess campfires were all about hotdogs for me when I was growing up!

    My favourite thing (food wise) is a hot bowl of oatmeal, or a bowl of homemade chilli 🙂 So comforting!

    ❤ Tat

  5. Goodness, that looks so great to eat off an open fire like that! I’m glad ya’ll didn’t forget the s’mores – those are definitely an essential part of any outdoor eating experience. Feel better!

  6. Oatmeal, farmers market and campfire pretty much sounds like my perfect day! And you captured it all so beautifully in your photos. 🙂

    A few of my favourite things about yesterday were a warm bowl of minnestrone soup, going out for dinner with my friends, and then hanging out watching a movie with them!

  7. I LOVE that open camp fire, it looks like so much fun!! I also would love a smore right now.

    The best part of my day was a glorious run/walk around my neighborhood this morning. It was 4 miles of smiles.

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