Hello, Fall.

Hello, Fall.

Hello, cozy mornings, hot cups of coffee, and warm fuzzy socks.

Hello, hot bowls of oatbran, sprinkled with granola, and topped with melty pb&jam. 

Hello, Fall.

Hello to those long morning walks, in my jeans and a warm, fuzzy hoodie.

Hello, big black lab with your thick winter coat.  Hello, big black lab with your endless energy and enthusiasm—your happiness with life itself.  Hello.

Hello, warm morning sun, with your lingering reminder of a summer past.  Hello, warm morning sun, with your gentle, glowing kiss.  Hello.

Hello, Fall.

Hello, fresh local vegetables.  Hello to your crops of squash, cabbages, pumpkins.  Hello to your deliciously abundant, end-of-the-season zucchini.

Hello, roasted brussels sprouts.  I’ve missed you.

Hello, Fall.

Hello, apple farms.  Hello, homemade cider donuts, “pick your own” apples, and freshly made apple cider.

Hello, hayrides.  Hello to the intoxicating smells of fresh hay, sweet apples and fallen leaves.  Hello.

Hello, Fall.

Hello to walking through petting zoo’s while at the apple farm.  Hello to my not-so-mild obsession with little black goats…

…warm fuzzy noses…

…and squiqqly little tails. 

Hello, Fall.

Hello, Fall.

Hello, afternoon snack, picked right from the tree.  Crisp.  Cold.  Fresh.

Hello, afternoon snacks of the week.  Week(s)??

Hello, Fall.

Hello, Fall.

Hello, Starbucks.  Hello to your warm pumpkin spice lattes.  Hello to your promise of upcoming gingerbread lattes too.

Hello to driving home with the windows down, a chilly breeze against my face, a fuzzy hoodie, and a cup of warmth in my hands.  Hello.

Hello, Fall.

Hello, visions of apple crisps, applesauce, apple pan dowdy, and apple spice muffins. 

Hello to actually wanting to heat up the kitchen again. 😉

Apple Sauce

cored apples (about 10)

sliced apple wedges + a bit of water (less than a cup)

brought to a boil and simmered (for about 10-15 minutes)

brought to a soft, mooshy state

blended and mixed with 2-3 T. brown sugar + cinnamon and nutmeg as desired (blending not necessary if you peel the apples, but I like to leave the fiber and nutrients completely intact 😀 )

and stored (in the fridge, up to one week)

for the full experience, be sure and serve this stuff h-o-t!  And preferrably with homemade bran muffins. 😀

Question: What is one thing that you look forward to in the fall?


29 thoughts on “Hello, Fall.

  1. i sooooo love the photos in your blog!!! how you turn everyday stuff like fruits and cooking and coffee cups into great storytelling photos. can you give me tips??? i’m a photography newbie… please keep posting! ^_^

  2. So many things to love…my favorite would have to be making my own apple butter. I love the aroma it creates in our house, and freezing it to eat throughout the winter. (It makes for great gifts too.) I’ll be posting the recipe this fall.

  3. LOVE this!! You make me want fall right now! I hope my sis and I can find a cute apple orchard near our home so we can get a big ‘ole bundle. 🙂

  4. I really prefer the summer and spring, so thank you so much for this post. There’s so much to appreciate in fall too, I love this!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  5. … honestly, I don’t know if i can pick just ONE thing!
    I’m looking forward to the leaves changing, my birthday, and riding my horse almost everyday. Those sound pretty fab, no?

    Food-wise, I can’t WAIT to bake again!
    ❤ Tat

  6. Goodness, this is such a pretty post! And you’re making me so jealous…fall won’t come to GA for another couple of months!!! It’s cooler in the mornings, but goes back up to 90 by 1:00! 😦

  7. How lovely! I thoroughly enjoyed reading through this post! I just love that in-between period, where it is warm yet chilly. And you can smell winter on its way. It’s that smell in the breeze while your taking a stroll down the street that I look forward to most of all.

  8. I am really looking forward to fall now that I’ve read your post! Most thing that I am looking forward to are coffee/hot cocoa and being inside watching movies 🙂

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