transition phase

Yesterday was all about fall.  And—if this is at all possible—I’ve become even more excited about its upcoming appearance, after reading all of your ‘fall-filled’ comments.  Beautiful.  Absolutely beautiful.  Bring on that cool, hoodie & jeans styled weather! 😀

But around here, we’re still in that silent transition phase.  That point where you’re not really sure if fall is just a tease, or if summer truly is on its last running stretch.  Days that offer a little bit of summer, a little bit of fall.  I like to think that this phase gives us the best of both seasons, all in one day.

With today being Labor Day and all, my family needed to celebrate.  Outdoor style.   

Any good celebration includes (1) a picnic table (or anything that allows you to eat outdoors, really…a picnic blanket would do just fine 😀 ).

(2) A grill to cook off of.  And hopefully someone who knows how to cook on one.  Let me tell you right now, I am hands off when it comes to the grill.  Too little temperature control, too much a mind of its own.   Scariness!

But then again, maybe I should add ‘master the grill’ to my bucket list?

Lastly, any good celebration involves (3) family.  The more, the merrier.  My Pepere and Nicole came to join us for good food and fun conversation. 

Mom and Nicole

One of my favorite things about cookout fare in the late summer/early fall is that it’s absolutely a-okay to grill up the meats, veggies, corn, etc. on the grill, while simultaneously turning on the indoor oven. 

These babies were baked in the oven (325 to 400—temperature was increased for timing reasons 😉 ) for a good 2 hrs.  Roasty.  Crispy.  Perfect. 

I went for a sweet potato version which went through this whole ooey, gooey, caramelization phase.  It was lovely. 😀

Let’s talk corn.

For the full experience of enjoying corn on the cob, corn must be grilled in its husk at least a few times a year.  Yes, you can boil it for decent results.  But for that really sweet, “I can’t resist your love” type of feeling, you simply need to grill it.  Just soak the corn in the husk for about 15 minutes to prevent scorching and then throw them on the grill, rotating every so often.  It takes about 15 minutes (longer or shorter depending on your desired results.)

I chose tempeh for my protein of choice today.  I’ve never been a steak girl (I know, I know…many grill masters would cry over this fact—sorry!), but tempeh and tofu are extra nice when grilled.  Using weber’s tofu method for grilling (spray a sheet of foil, plop the tofu or tempeh on the sprayed sheet, and grill for about 10 minutes, flipping once), I first basted 1/2 the block of tempeh in some Bone Suckin’ Sauce.  The sugars in the sauce helped contribute to those nice, golden markings and rich, smoky flavor.


And, really, no celebration is complete without my sister’s focaccia bread.  It’s quickly becoming that secret recipe which everyone begs for at every. single. family. gathering.  Summer, fall, winter, spring.  It really doesn’t matter what the season, somehow this bread always works.  Always.

The meal was considered complete when this local, last-of-the-season watermelon was brought out for dessert. 

Sweet perfection. 😀

I love the seasons’ transition phases. 

Enjoying the foods of both summer and fall.  Taking in the warmth that the summer sun still has to offer.  Enjoying a cool breeze.  Wearing a hoodie and a pair of flip flops.


Life is good. 😀

Time to get organized for tomorrow’s busy day at the school!! 😀

Question: Did you celebrate Labor Day?


11 thoughts on “transition phase

  1. I did celebrate, with a really long hike with an old friend who’s moved back to the area. We checked out a forest neither one of us had been to, and spent a few hours exploring and catching up. It felt great to spend a lot of time outside in this glorious weather. And it also felt great to make an almost fully local meal for dinner – sauteed veggies from the garden, locally baked bread, and sheep’s cheese.

  2. If by ‘celebrate’, you mean ‘have a completely relaxing day where you bake muffins and stay in your pajamas’, then yes I did 🙂

    … I also threw some exercise in there, but I consider that relaxation.

    That meal looks absolutely fantastic though. I absolutely go crazy over baked potatoes that start getting all ooey gooey and sticky in the oven.
    ❤ Tat

  3. you have such wonderful celebrations – everything looks fantastic. i’ve never thought to grill tempeh before – i must before the snow falls, though! and i haven’t had grilled corn this summer – i had it a while back, though, and remember none of us really liked it. i want to give it another shot, though!

  4. That looks like a grand celebration! We also did some yummy grilling, well-deserved relaxing, and afternoon walking! It was a splendid Labor Day here as well!

  5. I did celebrate Labor Day: I celebrated by doing not much at all 🙂

    I have not had enough sweet corn this summer — and its making me sad. I *must* go get some tonight.

    And my favorite kind of days are the hoodie/shorts or hoodie/sandals days. Those are the best!

  6. That corn on the cob and tempeh both look insane! I’m not a big steak person either, your “fake meat” appeals to me 10x more!

    I also celebrated labor day with a bbq and family! That’s the best way!

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