cha-cha-chillin’ out

How pretty are these roses from our flower garden??

The kitchen was intoxicated with the sweet, lingering smell of fresh roses this morning.  Mmm…

This morning, I decided to squeak in an early morning run since I had that extra hour before heading to work.

First I had a nice hot bowl of oatbran.  Same ol’, same ol’ as yesterday’s bowl.  The cranberries in the warm, creamy liquid are the star of the show.  They really plump up and add such a nice touch of sweet and tart. 😀

I like to follow these guidelines with cold morning runs:

<30 degrees: Under Armour Tights with shorts + t-shirt + Under Armour long sleeved shirt
<50 degrees: Under Armour Tights with shorts + t-shirt
>50 degrees: Shorts + t-shirt or tank top

For the most part, these simple guidelines work like a charm.  The temperature is already dropping to 42 degrees in the early morning, which means I’ve been running in warmer running tights.  It’s not quite cold enough to switch to wearing long sleeves yet, but we’ll be there before you know it.  I even saw my breath this morning! 

New seasons make me so excited! 😀 

My legs felt really fresh for my morning run.  I took the past few days off from running, sticking only with my regular walking routine.  The rest was was *so* worth it.  Three miles of running felt easy! 😀

Lunch was kept fresh and simple today!

  • mixed greens
  • cucumbers
  • yellow and red garden tomatoes
  • 1/2 c. black beans
  • cheese stick
  • carrot
  • mushrooms
  • olive oil and sea salt

With some kashis, an apple, and a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Larabar for snacks.

I’m sticking to my original thoughts on these “new” larabar flavors.  Fun, yummy, but a little too pricey for my liking.  Although this one might be worth buying now and again.  Soooo sweet and chocolatey. 😀

Afternoon Snack: yogurt + natures path pumpkin flax granola + teddy peanut butter

My throat was feeling a little funky tonight.  Not really sore, not really scratchy, but kind of just…you know…funky.

A hot bowl of split pea soup felt oh so right. 😀

(see recipe page for recipe!)

On the side, I had a melted sharp cheddar cheese quesadilla. 

Simply heat up a frying pan, spray with cooking spray, and toss on a whole wheat tortilla wrap.  Sprinkle with sharp cheddar cheese (about 1/4 c. per person) and fold in half.  Flip and toast to perfection!

+ steamed broccoli and mixed veggies for that little somethin’ extra

I finished the night off with a hunk of 88% dark chocolate. 😀

I. Am. So. Tired. Tonight.

I think I’m running on chronic sleep deprivation, due to early mornings and late nights.  There’s no excuse for going to bed late last night.  Just that I stayed up a little too late watching the end of LOST.  I waited to see the end of the series until I caught up with all the reruns.  I don’t want to spoil the ending for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, but…the ending?!?  Not a fan.

Off to relax for the night and hopefully go to bed early.  Happy Hump Day! 😀

Question: Does your workout routine change at all once the cooler weather rolls around? 


14 thoughts on “cha-cha-chillin’ out

  1. Great tips on dressing for the weather! I try to keep up my outdoor runs regardless of weather, but generally, if it’s below 20 or above 90 I switch to the treadmill!
    I love the sound of that easy quesadilla.

  2. Pretty roses! I wish I had some fresh flowers at my apartment right now!

    I can’t run outdoors in anything less than 10 degrees celsius. It hurts my lungs when it’s too cold! So I only go to the gym in the winters. Luckily I still have a few more weeks of outdoor running left!

  3. Yum yum yum! Everything looks so delicious… especially that toasty cheese tortilla 🙂

    … actually, I haven’t quite figured out what I am going to do when the winter comes. Sometimes in Canada, it snows too much to be able to run outside! Eeep.. though this is the first time living in town, and I think they scrape the sidewalks. Still, I don’t want to slip on the ice or anything! I’ve been contemplating joining a gym, because I really don’t want to give up on my running until all the snow melts.
    Any insight? Have you ever had to run when there is snow on the ground?
    ❤ Tat

    • I hear ya! Although I don’t live in Canada (which I’m sure can get some serious snow!) I have had some experience with winter running, so I know where you’re coming from.

      My best advice is to buy a workout DVD or have some indoor workouts planned for the bad snowstorms. I like using them in cases of emergency, and it’s a nice way to mix up the same ol’, same ol’.

      Once the sidewalks and road are cleared, I’ll usually head right out for a run. A winter run can be exhilerating. The secret, I think, is to keep the run slower paced than your normal runs. This will prevent your lungs from burning or any slips & falls. 😀

  4. Gorgeous flowers! Unbelievable.

    I don’t change my workout routine much, except I am more careful when I run on the icy streets during the winter. 🙂 And occasionally, I’ll take my runs inside on the treadmill if it’s really chilly.

  5. Cooler weather means running outside for me! Semi-crisp fall air hangs around early in the morning, which is perfect for running 😀

  6. I’m in love with that Larabar! And with your oatbran, I wanna dive into it. Really: it looks perfectly creamy. Just the way I like it:)

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  7. All fall/winter long I like to workout inside: workout dvds, elliptical, powerwalk on treadmills, etc but once spring comes around I am outside running!

    I am with you on the new larabars: good, but pricey and high cal for such a small snack! But they sure are delicious!

  8. What a delicious early-autumn dinner!

    Those are really good tips about running gear- I haven’t been running much, but I cycle to work most days, so I’m trying to figure out the best gear to wear! I think I might start rocking the leggings + woolly socks look soon, haha.

  9. Because I am so cold-blooded, I usually take my workouts inside during the winter months. This winter, however, I’m making a change. I’m going to toughen up and run through the cold! Spandex will become my new best friend!!

    Hello great chilly outdoors!

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