perfect endings.

One week.  One week of babysitting two of the most adorable cats you will ever meet. 

My sister and her husband are on a week-long vacation for their anniversary, and I was more than happy to babysit their fur-babies.  I am, after all, a very proud aunt. 😉 

Just as a note, Stitch and Highstreet have convinced me that dogs aren’t the only ones who keep their owners in shape. 😉  We’ve had many wild chases around the house, games of hide and seek, and—of course—lots of cuddling time.  These boys sure like to cuddle. :mrgreen:

And, really, nothing beats getting head-butted by a warm fuzzy kitty at the end of a hard, long day at work.  These guys never fail to make me smile and laugh.

Speaking of hard, long days at work…

…Today I had a hard, long day at work.  When I came home, I was completely frazzled out.  A nap sounded more appealing than anything, but I pulled on my sneaks and headed out for a 3-mile walk instead.  I know from experience that a bit of fresh air is almost always the perfect medicine.  Well, that and a warm, delicious meal. 

Tonight I chose some of my favorite, simple autumn flavors for dinner.  Roasted brussels sprouts.  Mashed garlic infused red potatoes.  Smashed butternut squash with nutmeg.  Baked cod with crumbs.

Everything came together in under 30 minutes which I liked.  Everything tasted so perfect, so delicious, so healthy, which I loved.  The perfect way to end a long, hard day at work.

Time for me to unwind and relax with a cup of raspberry tea and Biggest Loser!

Question: Are you an animal lover?  Which is your favorite? 


22 thoughts on “perfect endings.

  1. How did you like the Brussels sprouts?? I made them for the first time this past weekend was surprised by how good they were.

    I don’t know what our life was like before my kitty Frankie. He’s the perfect cold weather fuzzy friend.

    Biggest Loser…I am just now starting it and what in the world is purple girl doing?

    • NO IDEA! I was happy to see that the contestant (not going to spoil it for anyone who’s watching a rerun later on…haha) was still able to manage the weight loss at home though. 😀

      The brussels sprouts were delicious! The roasting definitely intensified/sweetened the flavors which I loved. 😀

  2. Those kitties are so cute! I have two of the cutest, sweetest kitties ever! I have to admit that I do prefer cats over dogs except for my dog, Bonnie, that I had for around 15 years!

    Delicious looking dinner!

  3. Im a cat lover! if i ever come back as an animal I want to be a cat, sleep, eat, groom myself and get affection all day long-sounds like the life to me! 🙂

  4. I am a total animal lover 😉 .. but I’m not much of a cat person. I adore all dogs, especially the three I have at home. They seriously brighten my life!
    ❤ Tat

  5. I like almost all animals, except for pigeons. But if I had to choose between cats and dogs, I’d take dogs, cause I think they are more fun and understand you in a different way than cats do. Although I have to admit that when my parents’ cat comes to sit on my lap and starts purring while I’m working on the computer, or lies on my belly when I’m on the couch reading… that’s kinda hard to beat 😉

  6. I am definitely an animal lover and a dog lover specifically. Just about anything that’s furry and fluffy is ok in my book. I love seeing animals when I go out for runs or walks too – there’s a bunch of deer I often see and sometimes a beaver or two.

    • I adore great danes! They’re such great dogs. And since my motto is “the bigger the better” when it comes to dogs, it’s pretty hard to beat a great dane. 😉

  7. i am so loving your photography as of late…as well as some good recipe ideas! those pumpkin pancakes last post looked absolutely like a slice of HEAVEN!

    my last couple weeks have been frazzled – last night i even fell asleep at 8:30pm! let’s get through it together, along with a side of roasted brussel sprouts. YUMMMMM!

  8. cute kitties! i love cats so much. i dont think i commented on ALL your wedding posts, that was during a read-but-dont-comment phase..but i LOVED them and your dress was hot and it looked like it was the best time ever. and i NEED to go get my wedding photos.. sigh.

    fave animal is probably dogs now days. but as a kid it was cats. i HATED dolls and had about 100 stuffed cats.

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