(a cat’s) life lessons

As naughty as cats can be—like jumping on the counter when they know they shouldn’t be up there in the first place 😉 —there sure are a lot of life lessons to be learned from them as well.

Lesson #1: Take the time to look around you.  Enjoy those simple, every day things that make you smile.

Lesson #2: Give your body the rest that it needs. 

Lesson #3: Take time to be alone once in a while.  Find a comfy spot and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Lesson #4: Embrace those things that make you stand out.  Those things that make you unique.  Those things that make you you!

Lesson #5: Stretch often.

Lesson #6: Eat plenty of fatty fish.

I cracked open a can of sardines for the kitties tonight and decided to do the same for me. :mrgreen:

Keeping it simple with sauteed cabbage and mustard.

Sardines get such a bad rap for being stinky and slimy, but I seriously love them.  If you’re on the fence about cracking open a can, try adding some texture to the meal.  Sometimes I’ll dunk the little fish in whole wheat flour and toss them in a frying pan with a bit of butter, thereby creating a crispy coating.  OR, you could simply toast a slice of whole wheat bread, slather on some really good, spicy mustard and call it a meal. 

Question: What is it that makes you unique and different and how do you feel about it?  I have a red scar that I used to always feel super self conscious about!  I even had a doctor try to remove it when I was smaller.  But now I love it because it makes me different, and I’m not afraid to show it off.  😀


17 thoughts on “(a cat’s) life lessons

  1. I feel like having a food blog and being a cook makes me pretty darn unique. I do get a little self conscious when I first tell people about it or even talking about it w/ friends and family. But everyone I cook for loves it so I figure that counts for something 🙂

  2. Im not sure what makes me unique, em, ill have to think about that. But I read your post with my cat sitting beside me and its made me look at him in a different, perhaps, jealous? light! lol. Cats have a great life!

  3. Nice question – I do like your blog btw!
    To answer the question – what’s unique about me – physically I think that’s my longer nose :)) that I inherited from my grandma :)) and then well we are all unique, our personality is unique 🙂

  4. I have a scar on my head from skin cancer surgery that I’m proud of b/c I can spread the word on prevention and skin care when asked about it!!

    Great post!

  5. Awwww this is too cute!! I LOVE kitties! I have two beautiful ones. 🙂 I definitely take after them in the nap department. 😉 lol I’d say what makes me unique is that I’m an identical twin. 🙂

  6. Aww,kitties! I always think what good “relaxers” they are – I need to take a note and relax like my cat more often.

    I like to lay the harmonica – which I think is pretty unique. I actually played it in a talent show my senior year…haha, everyone loved it!

  7. Those are great photos – I like the first one the most.

    I used to teach outdoor education, and I think the skills I learned – like belaying on ropes courses, and teaching people to canoe and kayak – are pretty unusual. They’re also a lot of fun!

  8. I’ve always been tall (5′ 11.5″ to be exact!) and I think that makes me unique. It also makes buying pants that are long enough difficult. I’m willing to live with that though!

  9. OMG this post is AWESOME. I looooove cats, and I do think they teach us a lot :)I have these little chicken pox scars on my forehead that I hated for so long, but my husband says he thinks they are cute! Now I appreciate them because I see them differently.

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