feeling inspired

Life is full of inspiration.

My old 10k running bib inspires me to run, even on those occasional days when I really don’t feel like it.

A sunny fall day inspires me to take lots and lots of photographs.

My old journals inspire me to keep making new goals for myself and to make them happen.

Homework from past nutrition classes inspire me to keep learning, researching, reading. 

Julia Childs, Molly Katzen, and memories of my Memere inspire me to cook.

And—tonight—a fresh, local stalk of brussels sprouts at Whole Foods inspired dinner.

Originally—this was before catching sight of the bright green sprouts—I was envisioning a piping hot bowl of oatmeal for dinner.  Or a lazy, over easy egg with toast for dipping. 

So easy.

But you know what else is easy?  Roasting veggies.  Nothing but a few good veggies—any kind will work—a hot, 425 degree oven, and a bit of olive oil and sea salt is needed.  Let your veggies sit in the heat of your oven for a good 20-25 minutes, while you dance to your favorite songs and enjoy the whole process. 

Salads were the empty canvases for displaying the roasted veggies.

Oops…wait…quick snack break! :mrgreen:

 I kept the salads simple.

  • mixed greens
  • cucumbers
  • tomatoes
  • green olives
  • avocado
  • kidney beans
  • olive oil

When the veggies are roasted to your liking (now is a good time to practice your patience, letting them get crispy brown for absolute perfection!), either let them cool a little before throwing on your salad.  OR, if you’re like me, top your salad immediately and let the lettuce wilt slightly under the intense heat of the roasted veggies.  Mmm…it’s one of life’s little pleasures. 😀

Dinner was simple.  Simply inspired.  Inspired by the brussels sprout.

Question:  Life is full of inspiration.  What is yours (in cooking, life, homework, writing, etc.)?


10 thoughts on “feeling inspired

  1. Brussels sprouts inspire me! (Really!) They’re my favorite vegetable, fresh and in season. Most fresh, local, organic vegetables inspire me; they’re beautiful, tasty and healthy. What more could I want?

  2. i am inspired by changes in the weather and sesons~beatuful crisp autumn mornings~a very early summer sunrise~a midnight black staryy winter sky and fresh spring leaves and budding flowers~truly a nature girl living in a cosmopolitan world!! 🙂

  3. I love roasted veggies! I wish my roommates understood the beauty of having JUST roasted veggies for dinner!!

    The seasons inspire me – each one has it’s own produce, colors and traditions 🙂

    Also, I made taco lentils on Thursday – DELICIOUS! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I just made roasted veggies two nights ago, with blue potatoes and carrots from our garden, plus some cauliflower and kale chips too.

    My inspiration comes from beautiful scenery, especially while traveling. I love to travel to new places, especially overseas, and find the rush of it all to make me inspired to write and do the things I love to do.

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