a walk in the woods

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could grasp on to a moment whenever we felt like it?  Stop time in its tracks. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could bring the day, the hour, the second to a halt?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all could live just one day as if it were our last?  How would we live?  What would we try to change?  Try to fix?

Or maybe we wouldn’t change anything.  Maybe we would just suddenly realize how in love we were with life itself.  How much we enjoyed the simple, everyday things that don’t always seem to warrant a second glance.

On first appearance, there isn’t much to appreciate about an autumn walk in the woods right now.  As I was strolling through the crunchy leaves in my backyard, I noticed that there was no color.  No pizazz.  Everything looked kind of…well…drab.

Fallen branches.  Old, decaying leaves.  Bare tree limbs.

But then I found the hidden beauty.  A splash of color here and there.  Something new.  Something completely unexpected.

In a way, a nature walk isn’t so different from real life.  Sometimes there are days that feel kind of drab.  Horribly ordinary.  Nothing special.

But usually—more times than not—if you open up your eyes, stop time for just a second, and look around you, you’ll notice there’s a lot of beauty to be found.  Waiting to be discovered.  Waiting to be seen.

And, so, here is your challenge…

…if you choose to accept it. 😉

From here until Thanksgiving, start each morning—each breakfast—with a prayer of thanks.  For something.  Anything. 

Because we all have so much to appreciate.  So much to enjoy.  So much beauty to savor.

So much to be thankful for.

Question: What are you thankful for today?

11 thoughts on “a walk in the woods

  1. Lovely post, this morning I woke up genuinely thankful to have a sturdy warm cosy house to live in, it’s not a mansion but it’s a home with running hot water, food, clothes in my wardrobe, a cat to cuddle and a car in the driveway, not to mention a wonderful mum and sister to sharevit with- I’m blessed!!

  2. Beautiful post.. with pictures to match! You are seriously skilled with a camera!

    I actually do try to be thankful for at least one thing every day. I’ve been doing it for awhile, and it makes me feel really great. It is easy to forget though, which is something I need to work on 😛

  3. I’m thankful for the rain. As I sit here typing, it is pouring outisde my window. Rain it not my favorite thing, but that doesn’t mean I’m not thankful for it. I realize it’s important to other things, like the trees and the flowers. Rain adds variety and brings life!

    Beautifully written!

  4. Okay, I know I’ve said this before, but I have to say it again after reading this post – you write SO beautifully.

    I am thankful for my family’s health 🙂

  5. Thanks enormously for this. You’ve got some definite talent, both behind the lens and in front of the keyboard. I think that first picture is my favorite – that red-orange fungus just *glows* 🙂

    I’m thankful for my 14-years-old-and-still-a-baby kitten, who keeps blinking at me lazily from her sunbeam.

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