feeling inspired

Nicole is a planner.  An organizer. 

She’s not that last minute Christmas shopper who frantically buys something just to buy something (*cough*cough*like me!*cough*cough).  No.  She puts thought into each selection.  She’s that person who wraps your gift so elegantly you don’t even want to open it.

So when she called me up and asked if I wanted to go into Boston this weekend, in order for her to finish up her Christmas shopping, I of course said YES!  Maybe some of her organization and Martha Stewart-ness would rub off on me in the process.  One can hope.

I realize that this is my third straight weekend in Boston.  I think I might be falling in love with the place.

I also fell in love with a giant Christmas bulb.

And these two fluffy lovebugs.

I think I need a dog in my life. 😉

And—is it just me?—or are guys getting more and more creative with proposals these days? 

The ice sculpture on the right read, “Will You Marry Me?” 

There’s always something to see in Boston.  Maybe that’s why I love it so much.  People watching is one of my favorite hobbies. 😉

However, today was not just about people watching.  Or eating.  (Although we did plenty of both—hello, cheesecake factory!)  Today, we each had a mission.  To either (a) finish our Christmas shopping or (b) to leave feeling inspired.

Nicole left Boston with all of her Christmas shopping completed.  Done!  And I left Boston feeling inspired not to be that Christmas Eve shopper this year.  It was a successful day! :mrgreen:

Until next time Boston!  I will see you again shortly.  This time, with my very own Christmas list. 

Question: Are you a last minute gift buyer for birthdays and holidays, or do you plan ahead?


9 thoughts on “feeling inspired

  1. I always try my very best to plan ahead. Especially as I like to make (mostly knit) things for people, so I’ll make my rounds a few months in advance asking about sizes and color prefs and if they really NEED another hat or could hypothetical mittens be ok (because I like making mittens better than hats)? And then I run out of time and everyone gets books. 😛

  2. Ha, ha. I’m starting to look really tired by those last pics. 🙂 We definitely shopped until we dropped! But it feels so good to be DONE! Can’t wait to give everyone their presents!!

  3. I definitely always plan a head with present shopping. I listen to my family and friends to see what they tell me the like, and I’ll pick it up throughout the year. I love getting the perfect present for everyone. I’m usually done by November. I might have to pick up a few small things, but for the most part I stay ahead.
    The “Will you marry me” ice sculpture is too cute!

  4. Sometimes I’m on the ball with my shopping and other times I’m a last minute shopper. My goal is to be done with my shopping early this year…maybe! I have to do double duty on christmas gift shopping for my little sis because I still haven’t got her b-day gift yet (her b-day was in Septmeber)! Oops!

    It looks like you had a great time. Those dogs were super fluffy!

  5. I tend to buy ahead and get it done early. I hate having to rush and pick out gifts for someone. I much prefer to find something I know they’ll like.

  6. I make all the lists well in advance, planning tk have it all done by the beginning of December, alas this never happens! Maybe this year?? Boston looks so amazing, you’re lucky to get to go there every weekend! Xxx

  7. you and me both – last minute gift shoppers! haha, however i am determined to be more timely this year as well. in fact, i made my christmas shopping list this past weekend 🙂

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