putting up the Christmas tree

For as long as I can remember—on some random day during those last couple of weeks before Christmas—my dad would announce to the family that it was about time “we take down the Christmas decorations from the attic.”  

I don’t know if it was the smell of leftover pine from the Christmas before.  Or the warm, cozy mugs of Swiss Miss hot chocolates (with those fluffy white marshmallows!) that my mom handed us.  Or the rolling sounds of Bing Crosby looming over the radio.  Whatever it was, this day—this unpacking, sorting and decorating—was almost as exciting as Christmas morning itself. 

I’m not that little girl anymore.  But I can still feel that same excitement and curiousity, just as I did on those nights of helping my dad take down all of our Christmas memories and decorations from the attic.  Peeling back an oversized Toys “r” Us bag to reveal an array of collected ornaments.  Putting garland around the stairways.  Laughing and giggling and just having fun.  

I love Christmas.  I love big bags of unique ornaments.  I love laughing and being silly and listening to Bing Crosby.  

(I love Charlie Brown and funny looking snowmen!)

Know what else I love?

Eating breakfast in front of the Christmas tree.  To be continued…

Question: What is one of your favorite holiday memories?

9 thoughts on “putting up the Christmas tree

  1. Decorating the tree is definitely one of my ultimate holiday memories.. but there are so many! I especially love looking through all the homemade decorations that I made as a kid. It makes the whole tree so personal 🙂 I’m glad to hear that you feel the same way!

    Gorgeous tree 🙂

  2. My favorite holiday memory is every Christmas eve night and morning. My brother, sisters, and I always have a “sleepover,” or campout if you will, in one of our rooms. When we were younger, we would have to force ourselves to settle down and sleep or Santa wouldn’t come!! Then, we would wake up at an ungodly hour to see if he came. To this day, we still campout in someone’s room! The time I spend with my brother and sisters during this season makes for the best memories!!

    You are never too old for a sleepover, especially if it involves your siblings!!

  3. Putting up the tree was definitely one of my favourite parts of Christmas when I was a kid. But I think that going to pick out the tree was my most favourite. The rows and rows of trees, the smell, the feel of the air, the holiday decorations – I miss it. We have an artificial tree now, and every year I feel sad to miss out on the ritual of picking out the tree.

  4. Getting the tree into the house=always a funny experience! turning on the lights, decorating, listening to xmas music, tea drinking (thats how we do here!)! love it all!

  5. I love tree decorating traditions! My family always watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” while decorating the tree. But I think my favorite holiday memory is making gingerbread houses – I can’t wait to carry this tradition on with my own family!

  6. Since it’s just my husband and I and we travel so much during the holiday season, we got lazy this year and decided to skip the tree. Your photos are making me sad that we’ve opted not to put a tree this year! At least we have our balsam fir scented candle :).

  7. One of my favorite Christmas memories was getting the tree. We would wake up really early the Saturday morning after Thanksgiving, stop and get a box of powdered donuts (for some reason that was a HUGE deal to us!) and go to the Christmas tree farm. We would go on this little hayride, find our tree, and then go to the barn and have some hot cocoa. We would head home, turn on the Christmas music and decorate the house. Good times!!


  8. What a nice post!! 🙂 I love Christmas SO much – especially buying/decorating the tree. Every year we go to Home Depot (lol) and have a competition to see who can pick out the perfect Christmas tree first…well, I make it into a competition, but my dad plays along 😉 I always get final approval of the tree, too. Then we come home and decorate! My parents get the front of the tree and my sister and I each get a side.

    I love reading by the tree every morning…you just get that warm glow!

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