a taste of summer

 In my house, an overripe avocado is like an overripe banana.  It doesn’t exist. 

This explains why we rarely eat banana bread.  Why banana fro-yo is such a prize.  Why avocado dressing is some sort of far reaching dream. 

But now and then, every once in a while, there comes along an avocado with just a few brown age spots.  Some unsightly blemishes; an avocado with no personal faults aside from having been left in the fruit bowl for one too many days. 

I love overripe avocados, just like I love overripe bananas.  They’re perfect.  Creamy.  Soft.  Full of possibilities.  Practically begging me to smoosh them with a fork (not together, of course, although I have seen some promising avocado banana bread recipes over the past couple of days!)  Begging to be loved and used and appreciated.  I’m asking you, how could a girl possibly say no?

“It’s about time,” I thought to myself, “that I have an avocado dressing sitting in my fridge.”

I also decided that it was about time I use up some of the frozen, “fresh” basil that a friend had given me over the summer.  Despite my fears, it still tastes just as good as it did when I first recieved it.  Bright and brimming with summer!

Once all the ingredients were in the processor, I just let them do their thing.  Mixing and mingling and just hanging out.

And then I made a tropical salad filled to the brim with black beans, fresh pineapple, garlic rubbed chicken and diced bell peppers.

And then I made an oath to always have an overripe avocado on hand.

Avocado Citrus Dressing—adapted from the Moosewood Restaurant Cooking for Health Cookbook
(Makes 2 cups)

Be sure not to use too much water when you’re thinning out the dressing.  Otherwise, the result will be a watered down guacamole look-alike.  Not a good thing!

This dressing can also work well as a veggie or a pita dip, if you keep it thick and creamy.  In the same way, it can also be used as a spread on sandwiches and things like that.  The bright lemon flavors add a summery note to this zingy avocado dressing.  You’ll enjoy it any which way you serve it. 😀

(p.s. As is true with many dressings, this tastes best when served the following day!)

  •  1 large ripe avocado, pitted and peeled
  • 1/3 c. orange juice
  • 4 T. lime juice
  • 1/4 c. chopped fresh cilantro or basil
  • 1 garlic clove, chopped
  • salt to taste
  • dash of cayenne or ground black pepper
  • honey or agave to taste (optional)
  • 1-2 T. olive oil
  1. In a blender, puree all ingredients together until smooth and creamy.  Add a little water if dressing is too thick.  Add salt to taste.  Store in refrigerator for about a week and bring to room temperature before serving (this prevents congealing.)

 Question: How do you make use of overripe fruit in your house?  If apples are over done, I like to make applesauce or muffins.  Bananas are obviously turned into banana bread, or frozen for later use.  And pears?  I’m hoping they overripen soon so I can find out. 😀


15 thoughts on “a taste of summer

  1. I love, love, LOVE avocado’s, and always check the discount bin at the grocery store in hopes they have some overripe ones for 1/2 price. I’ve never considered making a dressing before- what a fabulous idea! I will have to give it a whirl.

    Overripe bananas are excellent in non-dairy ice-cream recipes. Simply blend either frozen or not with other fruits, or cocoa powder, or peanut butter, whatever, and freeze. Deliciously creamy and sweet, without having to add sweeteners.

    I love to use overripe pears in cakes or bread (pear-banana bread- yum!). Oh, but speaking of ice cream- I once had an amazing pear sorbet in Quebec. Possible idea for overripe fruit?

  2. That looks incredible. Avocados keep popping up on sale around here, so I’ll grab a couple extra next time and let them get super-ripe!

    We very, very rarely have overripe fruit. Bruised apples taste pretty awesome in a stir-fry with cabbage and onions, though.

    • Great idea! Apples go so well with cabbage, so I can see how they would pair into a delicious stir fry together. I’m trying this next time I have an overripe apple. 😀

  3. With just me and Nate eating the food around here, we ALWAYS have ripe bananas… so banana bread is honestly a staple in my kitchen. Other than that, our fruit disappears quite quickly. We can just never eat the bananas fast enough. 🙂 (The dressing looks really good. I have a feeling that Nate might really like it, so I think I’ll give it a whirl this summer!).

  4. I always use our overripe bananas – just like you: banana bread or frozen for smoothies later on. Apples are made into applesauce, too! Great minds think alike………… 🙂

  5. your photos are outstandly gorgeous lately! even more so. i have no idea how you do it, but your winter pictures + food pictures + everything are making me quite happy. as is this dressing – this post is officially starred in my reader as a MUST MAKE 🙂

    happy wednesday lady!!!

  6. That dressing looks sooooo good. I love avocados, so definitely going to have to try this! I’m not very good at finding ways to use up overripe fruit… I usually end up baking apples if they’re a little too soft or gritty for my liking, but that’s about it.

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