simply perfect


Sometimes I go a little overboard with dressing up my salad.  Just a little over the top.

Sometimes I layer it in creamy sauces and deep, rich, lively vinaigrettes. 

Sometimes I want my salad to be ready for the ball, when it really just wants to hang out with lettuce and tomato, on some casual, laid-back Friday afternoon.




For a girl who enjoys practicing the art of simplicity, I sure did lose sight of the simply dressed salad. 

Until tonight, of course.




Honey, here’s your wake up call…



…sometimes you can’t beat simple.

A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

A dash of freshly ground sea salt.

A squeeze or two of honey.


Simple.  Perfect. 

Simply Perfect.




Question: What is your favorite way to dress a salad?  Vinaigrettes?  Creamy dressings?  Oil and vinegar?

14 thoughts on “simply perfect

  1. There’s always a jar of homemade dressing in my fridge – olive oil, vinegar and mustard, with maybe some herbs and spices or a pinch of sugar mixed in. When it gets low, I just add more!

  2. Garlic Gold Oil or balsamic vinegar usually provide the perfect finishing touches for my salads. Lately, however, I have really come to appreciate a touch of honey. It adds just a wee bit of sweet delight to each bite!

  3. I love just a good drizzle of olive oil, but sometimes a tangy vinaigrette works, such as with roasted vegetables. Massaged with avocado is one of my favorites when I just want simple.

    • I’ve been seeing Green Goddess dressing everywhere. It sounds amazing. I really need to jump on that bandwagon and make some. 😀

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