a rest day.


Sometimes it feels good to just say “no.”

Sometimes it feels good to turn my back on responsibilities.  Homework.  Chores.  That long list of to-do’s.

Not all the time, of course.  But sometimes.



Sometimes it feels good to Just. Do. Nothing.

No demands.  No places to go; no people to see.  No urgent to-do’s.

Nothing but those simple little things of life, like eating breakfast.  Or running.  Shopping, laughing, and hanging with my two besties.



Normally, I consider myself a very merry morning person; I’m the one who bounces out of bed with a slightly annoying burst of energy. 

But this week has left me dragging.  Absolutely dragging.  Staying up too late combined with a couple of ridiculously early mornings—I’ve decided—is just not healthy for a person. 

(I don’t know about you, but I’m really not much a fan of feeling like a zombie seeking out a caffeine IV.  😉 )


But today?  That feeling of having nothing on the to-do list except shop, eat, run?  Today.


I savored each and every scrumptious moment.



(p.s. I completely forgot how much I loved that feeling of an early morning, winter’s run.)

Calm.  Peaceful.  Quiet.



The good news: I feel completely revived.  Rejuvinated.  Fresh and ready.

The bad news: the only cooking I did today (and yesterday, to be honest) was in the form of overnight oats.  I think my kitchen needed the rest. 😉

Question: How do you recoop after a particuarly busy (crazy!) week?


6 thoughts on “a rest day.

  1. I recoop by taking it easy. That usually involves just hanging around the house, reading, or shopping! Nothing with a time constraint!

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