Hello, winter.

Hello, Winter.

Apparently, winter isn’t through with we New Englanders.

Ice.  Snow.  Wind.  Frigid, frozen temperatures.

This morning, I ran under a canopy of white.  I heard and felft the crunch of snow beneath my feet.  One step after the other.

Crunch.  Crinkle.  Swoosh.

I watched the icicles dance with excitement after they met the sun, sending their sparkles of light here, there, in every which direction.

There’s a fresh snowfall, here in New England.  And today I was the first—the very first!—to spread footsteps across a snowy path.


I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything quite as peaceful.  I don’t think I ever will.

And you want to know a secret?

I kind of, sort of, maybe, almost enjoyed my morning run.  Despite (because of?) the frigid cold temperatures.

I don’t always know why or how to explain it, but sometimes I find myself falling absolutely in love with winter.

For such a snowy morning, I figured breakfast may as well include a bit of snow as well.

In the form of coconut, of course.

There was exactly one jam filled muffin left in the freezer.  And it was practically begging me to crumble it into a morning bowl of yogurt.

I just couldn’t say no.

Muffin Crumbled Yogurt Bowl

Crunchy walnuts.  A snowing of coconut.  Warm, jam-filled muffin crumbles.  And a dish of thick, creamy yogurt.

This is one of my most current favorite breakfasts.  I think you’ll love it too. 😀

  • 6-oz plain yogurt
  • 2 Tbsp. wheat germ
  • 1/2 cup chopped grapes, banana, apricots, or other favorite fruit
  • 1 jam-filled muffin (or other favorite muffin of your choice)
  • 2 Tbsp. granola
  • 2 Tbsp. walnuts
  • dusting of coconut
  • drizzle of honey (optional)
  1. Combine yogurt with wheat germ and fruit, and place on bottom of bowl.
  2. Top with muffin, granola, walnuts, coconut and honey if using.  ENJOY! 😀

Question: Is it still officially feeling like winter where you live?  What is your favorite season?


11 thoughts on “Hello, winter.

  1. Ha, it’s definitely spring here…it’s been in the upper sixties and seventies for the past two weeks! I love it! The only bad thing is the morning temps – still in the forties, so you’re either freezing walking to school in shorts or sweating buckets in the afternoon in pants (I prefer the former 😉 ). Spring and summer are definitely my favorite seasons because of the weather, but winter has a special place in my heart because of Christmas 😀

  2. Your pictures look like a winter wonderland. I know that it isn’t that great when you actually want to do something though!!

    If you had asked me that question a week ago I would have said yes, it was very wintery.
    This week, though it’s still pretty cold most of the time, the sun has been out. One day last week we even ate our lunch on the balcony in my university apartment. It was lovely. The minute the sub goes in though, the temps drop dramatically.
    Hope you have a great Sunday xo

  3. The springtime thaw has already set in here–thanks goodness! I think spring is my favorite, because I love all the flowers in bloom and the mild temps. By the time it gets to be summer it’s too hot and humid to enjoy the outdoors!

  4. Winter is long gone in South Alabama. We’re almost hitting the 80s. I’ve been rocking sundresses and sandals, and it feels strange! Punxsutawney Phil definitely got it right this year.

    However, I am slightly jealous of your gorgeous snow pictures. They look sparkly and peaceful. 🙂

  5. I could have worm shorts yesterday, so I would say winter has come and gone. It’s sad because I really love winter. My favorite season, however, is fall and spring. I love the moderate temperatures and cool breezes!

  6. it is definitely still winter here in Wester Massachusetts! Your pictures make it look magical though. I wish it wasn’t so full of puddles/ice here otherwise I’d go for a chilly run too and come home to something nice and yummy like your muffin bowl : )

  7. I don’t know that I could pick a favorite season…I love them all…but if forced I’d say Autumn. It’s sort of day by day here…sometimes it feels like Spring is on it’s way and then we get a reminder that it is still Winter!!

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