the smile list, part II

5 Things That Made Me Smile Today

1. Coming home to a completely empty house after a super busy day.

For an internship requirement, we (my fellow interns and I) volunteered at some local elderly feeding sites.  Our main job was to do some light education on sodium and fiber.  It was a little challenging, since there was a definite language barrier.  Just one more reason why I need to learn Spanish!  But the people were adorable and very willing to listen.  One woman was shocked to learn that potatoes and beans were good sources of fiber.  I had so much FUN talking with the people!

By the end, however, I was pretty much zonked out.  So I made a super simple salad complete with avocado, beans (FIBER! 😀 ) and sunflower seeds, with a whole wheat onion bagel on the side.  I finished it all off with a bubble bath and some yoga.


2. Buying tickets for an upcoming Josh Groban concert.  The price was a little ridiculous, but for Josh Groban, I will gladly tighten the wallet in other areas.  Yes.  I will even give up my bi-weekly almond butters…ha!

3. Starting my day with a brisk morning walk.

Waking up with the sun.  A fresh new morning.  Feeling 100% energized.

4. Dessert.

There are times when I want fancy creme brulee and creamy cheesecakes.  And then there are times when I want a tried and true, nothing fancy, regular ol’ piece of candy.  Reeses are my favorite!

5. Realizing that it is Friday and I have a busy weekend filled to the brim with fun things.

  • 8-mile run tomorrow morning.
  • Ice skating and a church buffet tomorrow afternoon.
  • Volunteering at a 5k, Sunday morning.
  • Hanging with my bestie—aka, Nicole—Sunday afternoon.

What is your favorite candy/dessert?


What made YOU smile today?

The Smile List, Part I.


12 thoughts on “the smile list, part II

  1. Greek yogurt with nut butter or cereal for sure. I love power walking when it’s chilly out too! The fact that it is now officially spring break is making me smile nonstop, good luck on your run tomorrow!

  2. I came home to an empty apartment tonight and was pretty happy myself. I couldn’t love my husband more, but sometimes I just need a little alone time to relax! There is no better combination than chocolate and peanut butter! Have a great run tomorrow and volunteering at the race Sunday! Sounds like you have a great weekend ahead!

  3. Oh my word I LOVE Josh Groban! I used to listen to his CD everyday!

    As for dessert, I always alternate between almond butter sandwich and cereal. Two of my favorites!

  4. It’s been too long since I’ve clicked off my reader and onto your blog. It looks awesome! Love the new look 🙂
    I also love coming home to an empty house after a hectic day. I love my family, don’t get me wrong – but after a crazy workday sometimes it’s nice to just have a little break. And I must make homemade bagels very soon!

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