i need to run

Reason #1,000,003 Why I Run

February, 2011: My abstract on the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet was accepted to be presented in poster form during the statewide Dietetic Conference.

Today @ 3:00: I felt pretty happy.  Pretty complete.   In fact, I felt 100% satisfied with all of my hard work.

Today @ 3:04: I looked closer.  Closer.  I noticed something awry.  Something strangely…how should I say it?…off.

And then I saw it.

Oh yes.  I did.  Thousands of proof reads.  Too much time over-obsessing every single inch of detail.  And yet, somehow, I failed to notice the most obvious of issues.  I used the wrong word at the beginning of the very first paragraph.

First thought that came to mind: *GASP*  Somebody shoot me!!

Second thought that came to mind: I need to run.

And so I did.  I ran and I ran and I ran.

I let every worry and care roll off my shoulders like the droplets of rain that splattered breathlessly against my face.

And then I realized the same thing that I realize after every run.  You can’t cry over spilled milk. You just can’t.  A misspelled word is nothing to get hung up over.

(hopefully, it’s nothing that a little marker job can’t fix either!)

Attitude is everything.  Running helps.

And cooking too.  To be continued…

Question: Have you ever made a big (silly!) mistake with your job or in school?


6 thoughts on “i need to run

  1. It’s always the silly, little mistake that seem the most frustrating. As a writer and self-editor, it’s hard because your brain reads what you know it’s supposed to say — no matter how many times you try to objectively look at it.

    And, yeah, when I make mistakes like that, I like to head out for a run, too. No better way to “let every worry and care roll off my shoulders like the droplets of rain that splattered breathlessly against my face” — as you so wonderfully put it!

    Thanks for sharing your story … how did the marker job turn out?

  2. I have made countless mistakes! But not matter what, I try to remember that in the big scheme of things (in life in general), it’s not a big deal. That is more easily said that done, though 🙂 Keep smiling, I’m sure it worked out A-OK!

    By the way, congratulations on having your abstract chosen to be presented at the conference! That’s a great achievement!

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