a handful of green

I’ve been a little MIA this past week, in more areas than one.

I haven’t so much as touched the book that I’ve chosen to read during the month of March.  Aside from wearing a green scarf, I completely forgot about St. Patrick’s Day.  I’ve been living off of hummus and swiss cheese sandwiches for lunch, with raw veggies, fruit and almonds for snacks.

In other words, I’ve been kind of busy.  And I really miss my kitchen.  And I think my kitchen kind of misses me.

So as soon as the day was officially “complete,” as soon as it was over, I decided to stop off at Whole Foods and see what I could conjure up for dinner.  I felt the need for something…something…

…something green.

If you’ve ever seen a bunch of bright green garden cress at the supermarket, but you’ve  had no idea what it was or what you could do with it, you are not alone.  The flavors were a complete mystery to me until today.  I had no idea how I would use the little green leaves.  If I would use the little green leaves (!?!)

But the bright, cheery little bunch was a mere $1.00.  I’ll try anything for $1.00.  Especially if it’s bright and sunny and it makes me smile.

The sign at Whole Foods explained the leaves as being smooth, soft, bright, tangy and peppery.

“Perfect for sandwiches and soups and salads,” it said.

Perfect for tonight.

The cress bared a faint resemblance to arugula, without being over the top or in your face about it.  It’s a little more subtle.

Light and soft and elegant.

And it really does lend the most wonderful, rustic charm to a hot bowl of Mushroom Soup.  I simply chopped it up and sprinkle it on top for a deliciously healthy garnish.

You could also let it wilt by throwing in a handful or two at the end of the soup’s cooking time.  It would also pair lovely with a hummus wrap and a slice of sharp cheddar.

It felt really nice to be back in the kitchen, tonight.  Chopping and dicing and stirring and eating.  Yes.  It felt good to unwind.

Have a happy Friday!


9 thoughts on “a handful of green

  1. The soup looks tasty! I hope next week is a little slower paced for you on the work front!

    Also, I have two random questions for you:
    1. What are your thoughts about grad school for dietetics students? I can’t decide if I want to fore go a traditional internship for a TA/grad student dietetics internship.
    2. Do you know how brown rice syrup compares to high fructose corn syrup? To me it sounds like a more expensive version of HFCS, but I haven’t done any hardcore research over it and I haven’t taken OChem, so I don’t know the chemistry behind the two either.

  2. I can certainly relate. If I go more than a few days without “me time” in the kitchen I start going a little loopy. There is something so calming about working with ingredients and of course enjoying the outcome. I hope next week give you more time to relax 🙂
    I love buying veggies I’ve never had before on a whim and figuring out what to do with them! There have been some pleasant surprises as well as some major fails 😛

  3. Hooray for Friday! And for you getting time in your kitchen. 🙂 I kept my veggies for dinner quite simple tonight. Steamed broccoli … exciting & adventurous, I know! What can I say? Not to daring in the kitchen presently, though it is a goal I included on “The List.”

  4. Isn’t it great to find such deals on delicious, fresh food? I love trying new things that way, when I can find sales, especially with local foods in the summer.

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