Healthy Living.

Healthy living means never eating fast food.  Never!  Not even subways.

Healthy living means skipping a meal now and then.  Especially if you “overdid it” the day before.

Healthy living means never eating fatty foods like olive oil.  Or avocado…

…or nut butters, for that matter.  Fat = fattening.  Avoid it!

Healthy living means learning how to take control of yourself and never—ever!—eating your favorite foods, ever again.  Just say no.

Healthy living means choking down a ton of tasteless, colorless veggies.

Healthy living means never taking another bite of anything with carbohydrates.  They’re bad for you.  Horrible.  In fact, they will instantly add weight to your thighs and butt, making you feel tired and sluggish.

You need to also look out for things like apples, carrots, and sugar beets.  Keep an eye out for these top three danger foods, which are sometimes seen at your local farmers market.

Healthy living means exercising for hours and hours…

…and hating every second of it.


Oh, and since we’re on the topic?


Walking around and exploring a new city does not count as exercise.  I’m surprised you even asked.

Healthy living means never being satisfied with your body.  There’s always something that could use improving, and it’s your job to figure out what that something is!

Healthy living means packing yourself boring lunches that taste like cardboard.  Because it’s healthy and that’s what healthy people do.

As you can see, healthy living is pretty miserable stuff.  But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. 😉

TODAY’s CHALLENGE: Find a way to be more active aside from “exercising.”  Take two 10 minute walking breaks during the day.  Park your car in the furthest parking spot.  Take the stairs.  Walk around the mall two times before actually shopping.  Walk to the furthest bathroom at work.  Most importantly, have FUN with it! 😀


17 thoughts on “Healthy Living.

  1. I LOVE this! you’ve pointed out all the ridiculous thoughts some people have and shown them as exactly what they are, ridiculous. Healthy living is all about balance! Broccoli may be one of my favourite foods, but my word do I love chocolate 😛

    I like your challenge, too! It’s definitely important to have fun when being active. One of the main reasons I love walking is because of all the things I see along the way – from flowers to tiny little birds to fish randomly jumping out of the river.

  2. I can’t express how much I loved this post in words!
    Thank for this! Beautiful words, meals and photos.

    Sometimes I don’t want to exercise. I just want to be ACTIVE. Kind of makes me wish I were a kid again, lol. They play and run outside…and they’re just living life, being active and having fun. They’re not doing it for the sake of exercising!


    Can you just start packing my lunches from now on?

  3. My boyfriend and I took a meandering walk around our city on Sunday… which turned out to be 18 miles. Healthy apparently can sneak up on you!

    Also, that ice cream cone looks magnificent. So huge!

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