Breakfast Bonanza, day 2 (shopping energy!)

I wasn’t always a bargain shopper.

My sister was the one with the willpower.  “I’m going to wait until this goes on sale,” she’d say confidently, placing the prized shirt back on the rack until further notice.  I’d shake my head, tell her she should buy it now while she could, and move on to purchase my own expensive shirt because I couldn’t bear the thought of not having it.  Sure enough, a week would go by, and that same shirt would be half price.  Nicole would just laugh, as she purchased her favorite items.  On sale.  I would groan, realizing that I just dished out an extra $20, when I really didn’t need to.

But this story has a happy ending, because I finally (after many, many, many purchases of overpriced shirts) learned the art of patience.  The art of spending more on favorite items and spending less on others.  The art of balance.

Balance.  This one word seems to apply to everything in life, doesn’t it?

Today’s shopping trip was a full one.  From the time the mall opened to when it closed, my mom and I meandered our way through each and every store, searching for bargains.  I found lots of cute tops that I’ll put to good use with nutrition seminars and presentations.  My favorite find of the night was a $30 dress from JCPenney.  I can’t wait to pair it with a cute belt and some yellow flats. :mrgreen:

And, of course, no shop-till-you-drop shopping trip has ever occurred without the assistance of an energy packed breakfast. 

That would be Breakfast Bonanza, Day 2.

This morning I opted for something simple but amazing.  Whole wheat toasts, smeared in almond butter and pleasantly topped with plump, sweet banana slices.

I’m sure that this is probably the standard breakfast for many healthy breakfast eaters out there, but I never seem to think of it.   Obviously, I’ve been  really missing out.  This is going to be a perfect meal for those busy morning weekdays.

It was also perfect for shopping-till-dropping.  It literally kept me going all morning (and afternoon, and night!) long!


I think tomorrow’s breakfast is going to start with a ‘p.’  And end in ‘-umpkin.’  But it won’t involve oatmeal.  Any guesses? 😉

Question: Are you a bargain shopper?  What are you willing to splurge on and where do you try to save?