living country

I am such a country girl.

After a busy week of internship duties, driving here-there-everywhere, and feeling ultimately sleep-deprived, tonight was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Icecream.  Old red barns.  Thousands of people laughing, talking, having a grand ol’ time.  Country music intermingling with oldies over the loud speakers.  A perfect night. 😀 

And everything is brought together into one big pocket known as Kimball’s Icecream.

If you’ve never been to Kimball’s, you simply must.  It’s worth the drive, for both the icecream and the entertainment.

Tonight they were hosting a car show.  People from all over—all different states and towns—drove their old cars in for people to look at. 

Note the volkswaggen bus in the back right…ahhh!!!  Too cute. :mrgreen:

There was time for eating, browsing, laughing, chatting, sitting.

I found my dream car.  Obviously.  How cute is this little thing?  :mrgreen:

Although I also would have been happy with this little orange British car.  Just sayin’.

Dad’s choice.  😀

Anyways, this is a food blog, so I only feel right sharing all the wonderful eats that are to be had at Kimballs.

Dad ordered a large plate of fried shrimp, scallops, clams, haddock and fries with a side of coleslaw.

He shared with the entire table, and I snagged a shrimp, a clam (because this is literally the only way I will ever eat a clam—sad, but true) and a piece of deliciously tender haddock.

Let’s be honest.  Everything tastes good when it’s fried.  But I’m actually super picky about fried food.  It can’t taste greasy, and the food inside the crispy coating should still taste fresh.  I hate it when you feel as if the food just wasn’t fresh any more, so they decided to fry it so that nobody would notice day-old food being reused.  Am I the only person who has ever considered this?

Anyways, this was perfect.  No sogginess.  Not over the top salty.  Not greasy.  Just melt in your mouth delicious. 

But I limited myself to just a few bites.  I wasn’t here for the “food,” per say. 

Kimballs is known for its icecream.  For their over the top portion sizes, for the creaminess of each bite and for the simple fact that they will never jip you on the fillings.

I ordered one of my favorite flavors: a “baby-sized” vanilla peanut butter cup. 

Delicious. 😀

It was such a fun filled day.  The only thing that could have improved it would have been if they had grounds for dancing.  Line dancing?  Swing dancing?

Nicole and I immediately fixed this by making up our own dance floor on the front lawn, doing the 50’s twist.  Because when you’re this happy and when there’s music going, it’s impossible not to dance.  Impossible!

Question: What is your favorite type of car, old or new?  My favorite oldie is the volkswaggen bus. :mrgreen:


I scream, you scream

There was nothing out of the ordinary about today.  I woke up at 7.  Turned on the coffee maker.  Ate oats in a jar.

Morning Oats in a Jar

  • 1/2 c. uncooked oatmeal
  • 2 T. wheat bran
  • 2 T. crushed flax
  • cinnamon & nutmeg
  • 6-oz. plain yogurt
  • 1 large banana, sliced

Stir, stir, stir.  Pour, pour, pour.  Eat, eat, eat.  YUM!


Get ready for church.  Drive to church.  Come home.

Sunday’s ordinary routine. 

And yet, I felt this surge of excitement as I looked at the calendar and noted that I have two weeks—*two!!!*—until the internship starts.  I felt the need to grab my organizer and plan everything out.  It feels as if a whole new semester of college is starting, only this is even better.  It’s the second to last step of becoming a Registered Dietitian (the other step being the RD exam!)  So.  Incredibly.  Excited. :mrgreen:

Ordinary morning or not, I felt nothing but pure excitement all day long.


There are four cups of basil sitting patiently in my fridge, after I trimmed down my plants the other day.  With plans of making a pesto sauce, I also wanted to make another batch of basil hummus.  And this became the basis of my lunch.

Basil Hummus.  Thick, juicy tomato slices.  Organic greens.  Sweet vidalia onions.

Plus some raw veggie sticks and olives on the side.  Each bite of this sandwich screamed summer(!!)  Oh, basil, how I love thee.


 dessert: plain yogurt with chopped grapes


There are a few events that must take place before summer is truly official.  Visiting Kimball’s Farm Icecream in Jaffrey, NH, is one of them. 

I always order the same thing whenever I go.  Always.  Mint Oreo Cookie

But, today, Nicole was with me.  And Nicole took a leap out of the box and ordered something she rarely ever has.  Pistachio Nut Icecream. 

I followed her lead, said goodbye to the same ol’, same ol’ mint oreo cookie, and ordered the Coconut Almond Chip.

This was good, but the coconut flavor wasn’t as pronounced as I was kind of hoping for.  Bart’s Icecream in Amherst, MA, makes a coconut icecream that makes you feel as if you’re eating the creamy version of straight up coconut meat, so now I find myself comparing all coconut icecream to that particular one. 

I don’t want to sound nit-picky though.  This was still amazingly creamy, smooth—silky!!!—and full of almond chunks.  But next time I’m ordering their banana icecream and bringing along some peanut butter.  Now, wouldn’t that be amazing. :mrgreen:



Dinner was simple and repetitive.  Any lingering creativeness was snatched away, as I spent most of my late afternoon looking over my homework assignments and a power point project that is due by August.  Ah well.  This salad was still delicious, and hit all the right spots. 😉

  • mixed greens
  • carrot
  • black olives
  • salsa
  • cottage cheese
  • last of the basil hummus

+ kashis.  And yes, it is totally okay to have basil hummus twice in one day. 

Question: Do you stick to the same flavor when ordering icecream, or do you like to try something new each time?  Sometimes I find a flavor I like and stick with it because it’s just oh-so-amazing.  But I definitely like to try new flavors, especially when they sound interesting and fun. 😀