dreaming of december

Signs that December is just around the corner…

Fluffy flakes of white are falling from a soft gray sky.

A vase filled with bright, smiling sunflowers graces the table.  A reminder of warmer days. 

The wood stove emitts a (wonderfully) endless supply of warmth. 

The warmest of warm north face jackets, gloves, scarves, mittens come out from hiding.   

Where rose petals have fallen, bundles of seeds take their place.  Preparation for next summer.

Squirrels fatten up.  However they can. 😉

I’m forced to keep an eye out for ice patches on my morning jaunt.

Signs that December is right around the corner.

I love the gentle changes in season.  The subtle warnings of an upcoming winter.  The chilly bite of a sharp wind.  How snow flakes feel as they fall against my face on a pre-dinner walk.  The warmth of a wood stove.  The promise of upcoming holidays and celebrations. 


I love to paint.

I’m sure that I’d think very differently if I was forced to paint this entire wall (which my dad deserves credit for!)  I’d think differently if it were my job, or if I was being judged on the quality of my work.

But when it comes to touching up, spreading out a fresh coat of paint, and marveling at how different (how NEW!) everything is beginning to look, I love it.

Painting is a long process, especially when it involves an awkward wall along a stairway.  But it’s fun, fresh, and exciting all at the same time.

I don’t know.  It might have something to do with the fact that the name of the paint is called “Oatmeal.” 😉

Dad spent his entire afternoon painting.  I jumped in to help midway.

The both of us were starving by the time lunch rolled around.  And I was definitely feeling too lazy to cook.  No.  Erase that.  I was feeling too lazy to clean the dishes that were bound to be an unwelcome side effect of cooking.

We decided to go for take out!

Sushi can be a perfectly healthy take out option.  I like to go for the veggie roll made with brown rice, for added nutrients and filling fiber.

To make lunch a bit more filling, I made us each a larger than life leftover salad.  It included fresh lettuce and lots of the remaining leftovers from Thanksgiving.

  • turnips
  • brown sugar glazed carrots
  • dollop of cranberry sauce
  • grilled salmon
  • cucumbers, tomatoes
  • 1/2 c. white beans
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • sea salt

Everything was so filling and satisfying.  The perfect fuel for painting. 😀

Off to relax!  I began reading a new book called “Commuters,” and I’ve just started getting into it.   

Happy Weekend! 😀

Question: What is your favorite way to use up the leftovers from Thanksgiving?