I love weekends.

I love weekends.  And Friday afternoons.  And Saturday morning runs. 

I love cookouts at Nicole’s house.  And I love juicy, last of the season watermelon.  And I love watching people enjoy juicy, last of season watermelon.

I love laughing.  I enjoy listening to my family laugh.  I love laughing and laughing and laughing until my stomach can’t possibly take any more laughing. 

I’m pretty sure this is the way that God intended for us to exercise our abs. 

I love Nicole’s home.  How country and warm it feels.  I love her decorating style and how easy she makes it seem.

I love carbs.  Warm, doughy carbs with a thin, flaky crust.  Covered in rosemary and olive oil.

I’m telling you.  This recipe is worth begging Nicole for. 😉

One bite into this juicy, summer-filled chicken, and I now officially love Nicole’s “Bruschetta Chicken.”

I love a plate filled with variety and flavor and fun.

Caesar salad with croutons.

Sauteed zucchini & tomatoes.

Foccaccia bread.

Bruschetta chicken.

I love dinner time conversations.




More laughing. 

Love it.

I love strawberry shortcake.

Doesn’t everybody?

I love playing family games.

And laughing.  Not that you would have ever guessed.

I love weekends.  And Fridays.  And Saturday morning runs.

I love feeling refreshed, energized, and ready for a brand new week.

The End.

Good night! 😀

Question: What did you love about your weekend?