life’s lessons in health.


Life’s Lessons In Staying Healthy…

…through the eyes of a “shop-till-you-drop” shopping trip.

#1: Aim for 8 hrs. of sleep (or more!) a night…

  …and don’t be afraid to take naps.  I was always a self-proclaimed nap hater until my freshman year of college.  And then I had an afternoon free without an ounce of homework.  And I fell asleep.  And it felt delicious.

Ever since, I’ve been making sure that I get at least 8 hrs. of sleep a night.  And I’m not afraid to take a nap if I need it.  Even if it means falling asleep in the ladies dressing room at JCPenneys.  Kidding! (kind of)



#2: Find what works for you and your body.

I love having a big ol’ mug of coffee.  I do.  I love the intoxicating smell of freshly ground beans.  The feeling of warmth on the palms of my hands, hugging the mug.  The swirl of steam that hits my nose as I take my first sip.  Sigh.  Love.

But then, the “after effect” is never quite as fun.  After years of just putting up with the gurgling stomachs, the shaking, the feelings of nausea, I’ve decided that caffeine and I just don’t really get along.  I still enjoy a fully caffeinated cup of coffee now and then, but I mostly stick to decaf. 

It works for me.



#3: Treat your body with respect.

You would never tell a hungry friend to skip a meal or a snack because “she needs to lose an extra 5 pounds.”  She doesn’t deserve it.  So why oh why would you ever tell yourself to do the same? 

Respect your hunger.  Respect your fullness.  Feed yourself with mostly wholesome, nutritious foods that leave you feeling and looking your best.

And know that it’s okay—important!—to treat yourself with your favorite foods now and then.



#4: Spend time with the people who make you feel good about yourself.

Nobody likes a Negative Nancy!  Hang out with the people who support you through everything in life.  People who inspire you to be a better you.  Stronger.

People who make you smile and laugh and live life to the absolute fullest.



#5: Sneak exercise into your everyday life.

This applies to runners.  Or bikers.  Couch potatoes.  And gym junkies.

Finding little ways to sneak in exercise has been proven to be beneficial towards good heart health.  Little steps really do add up.

Take the stairs.  Park in the furthest parking spot.  Do bicep curls with your shopping bags.  Take an extra lap around the mall before shopping.  Get up and walk around for 5 minutes every hour (that’s 40 minutes worth of walking in an 8 hr. work day!)

Yes, regular structured exercise is important.  But so are the little things.  Just. Do. Something. 



Question: What are some of your favorite of life’s lessons in staying healthy?  Another thing I would add: Drink lots of water!  I always have a nalgene bottle filled with H2O and I bring it anywhere and everywhere.  It keeps my skin and hair feeling healthy and keeps me energized.