hiking & summer

This morning demanded a filling breakfast.  This morning demanded oats. 

Same ol’, same ol’ as yesterday, except with the substitution of walnuts for the coconut.  I absolutely love this summery combo!

The reason I needed such a filling breakfast, you ask?


That would be Mt. Monadnock.  It’s not a 4,000ft mountain, but I definitely find it to be one of the more challenging hikes in New Hampshire.  Personal experience.  But this mountain also rewards you with a fantastic view from the top, which makes it all so worth it.

This is what I call lunch with a view.  I would love to be up here at sunset someday.  Maybe I should add that to my Life’s To-Do’s. 😉

My parents and I had such an awesome time, but were completely zonked from the sun by the time we got back to the bottom.  Some of the trail was in the shade, but a lot of it (at least 1-2 hrs. worth of hiking time) was spent in the sun.  Dad was smart to bring a hat.  At least I loaded up on the sunscreen to keep my skin protected. 😉

And, when all is said and done, all I want is pizza (or anything with salt!!) after a long day of hiking.  My parents agreed.

Tomatoes.  Broccoli.  Mushrooms.  Onions.  Peppers.  One deliciously doughy and flaky crust.  Three hungry hikers.

What.  A.  Day.


These past three days have been filled—-absolutely FILLED—with summer.  I almost don’t want it to end. 😀


Cookouts with Family.

Corn on the Cob.

Being Silly and Laughing.

Berry Picking. 

Berry Eating. 

Visiting Farms.

Fresh Strawberries.

Homemade Strawberry Desserts.



Fourth of July.

Playing volleyball in my bare feet.




Question: Have you ever gone hiking?  Do you enjoy it?  Where would you go hiking if you could go anywhere?