Blue Skies Keep Smilin’

My muscles were sore this morning!  Not in a “I just hiked a mountain” way, but definitely in a “I pushed myself hard yesterday” kind of way. 

I was also starving.  Oats were a major must!

Today’s mix:

  • 1/4 c. each oatmeal and oatbran
  • 1/4 c. wheat bran (stirred in at end)
  • 1 c. milk + 3/4 c. water
  • 1/2 banana, sliced thinly
  • topping: 1/2 a whole wheat pumpkin muffin, scoop of peanut butter and shredded coconut

It was an especially yummy bowl this morning.  I love adding wheat bran…it really plumps things up! 😀

Nicole and I had a coffee + shopping + workout day planned for this morning.  Originally we had planned for a Tae Bo DVD, but there was a change of plans when the blue skies appeared and the sun came out.  How could we not go out for a wal to enjoy the fresh air? 

A walk outside sounded absolutely perfect. 😀

Nicole and I ended up taking a 4-mile, chatty-filled loop.   I love spending time with this girl! 😀

I love early morning walks.  They’re so refreshing.  Especially when there’s a fresh blanket of snow on the ground, waiting to be admired. 

Back at Nicole’s place, we contemplated what to have for lunch.  She started listing off some things that she had in the house, then suddenly she exclaimed, “You know what I’ve been wanting to try, ever since I saw it on Katie’s blog?  Sweet potatoes and nut butter!”  I practically flipped out with excitement (it doesn’t take much to get me incredibly excited :mrgreen: )  I’ve been dying to try this combo. 

(By the way?  I think adding grapes to my oatmeal has brought out a whole new wild side in me. 😉 )

We started with side salads and light ranch dressing, while waiting for the potatoes to cook.

Nicole took out some Trader Joe’s Sunflower Seed Butter, and we both topped a sweet potato with about a tablespoon of this sweet, nutty goodness.

Holy Moly Deliciousness!

We both thought it was awesome.  I almost felt as if I were eating candy.  I think I have a new favorite lunch planned for next week at school. :mrgreen:

When we stopped for a soy caramel latte at Starbucks this afternoon, Nicole convinced me to order the Venti.


Although I have to say that this cup could definitely find its way into my life.  How’s that for a morning cup of joe? 😀

Somehow I managed to fit in some homework this afternoon too.  I have a couple of case studies that I still need to finish, but I’ll probably fit them in tomorrow afternoon or Monday.  It’s been so nice having Mondays off from school, because it gives me a chance to still enjoy a weekend, knowing that I can catch up on assignments when I need to. 😀

For a homework snack, I peeled an orange and had a handful of pistachios. 

Dinner had its fair share of beginnings and endings.

It began with a toasted slice of homemade whole wheat and walnut bread (courtesy of mom…she’s such an awesome bread maker!) and a pat of butter.

It ended when I took a bite of my feta-topped, lentil and tomato soup.  I have never met a lentil I did not like, but this soup was beyond spicy!  My mouth was burning, as I guzzled my water down.  Intense!  When it comes to spice, I am such a wimp.

Needless to say, the one bite of soup is where it began and ended. 😉 Thankfully, Dad loved the soup, so nothing will go to waste.

Dinner began again, when I substituted with a super sized salad, topped with the usuals plus a big dollop of hummus and feta cheese crumbles.  This salad made up for the overly spicy soup. 😀

Dinner ended with another toasted slice of bread.  I finally felt full and content. 😀

Okay…this is when it officially ended. 😀

Snack, read, relax…I love Saturday nights! 😀

Question: Spicy Foods…love or hate?  I think you guys and gals already know my feelings on this. 😉  I can not take the spice!  Although I do like salsa, which is mildly hot, as long as I eat it with something. 😀


16 thoughts on “Blue Skies Keep Smilin’

  1. Hey girl!
    thank you SO much for your sweet comment, you are so awesome! i dont see how you juggle so much at one time! im DEF a spicy girl! the more spice-the better! i love hot sauce!

  2. It all looks so delicious, I can almost smell it! Still have to try the combination of nut butter and sweet potato, very curious now!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  3. Those damn pumpkin muffins are haunting me. You’re right about your way of eating/lifestyle. I can’t wait to see it so simply without a constant mental battle.

    Your snowy walk looks sooo beautiful! Nothing like being out before the world wakes up.

  4. I can’t handle spicy foods either 😕 My dad said it’s an “aquired taste” but I don’t know if I want to try and aquire it lol

    I love snowy walks 😀

  5. I never used to eat spicy foods they made my tummy bad but lately I’ve been reintroducing them and its going well. I’m loving the spice! Only a little though I can’t stand foods that burn x x

  6. I love spicy! preferably with something to ‘cut’ it if need be, but I am always eager to spice up my meals. Your soup looks amazing- its too bad it was too spicy for you, but I think you more than made up for it with that crafty little salad there.


  7. Yeahhh I’m so glad you tried the sweet potato nut butter combo – it’s the bomb! My suggestion to take it to the next level: sweet potato almond butter sandwich on cinnamon raisin bread. You will die!

    What a fun walk in the woods with your gal pal. It’s so pretty this time of year – except when ice is blowing in your face at 20mph of course….

  8. I love your beautiful snowy photos! Winter walks are so peaceful 🙂

    I would love it if I could do spicy, but I am a wuss. I am trying to build up my tolerance 😉

  9. Oh, you’ve got me thinking about sweet potato and almond butter now!

    The spicy lentil soup looks good! I don’t like too much spice, but that looked really good.

    Does your mom have a bread machine? Or does she use the oven? I’m going to spend my summer break learning how to make my own versions of wheat breads but I don’t have a bread machine.

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