weekend post: ‘happiness’

“The secret to getting what you want, is wanting what you’ve got.” 

Happiness is found in a long walk with dad after dinner.

Happiness is found in having the kitchen completely to myself, along with some Brad Paisley, a favorite apron, and a little blue dutch oven.

Happiness is a batch of sweet potato fries and a can of black beans that have been turned into some homemade black bean patties.


Happiness is found in having an entire day off from work, school, internship.

Happiness is found in that first sip of coffee. 

Happiness is found in a random phone call from a friend.  A sister.  Best friend.

Happiness is found in fresh summer squash, sauteed in balsamic vinegar with a bit of salt and pepper.  Sprinkled delicately with feta cheese.


Happiness is found in that energetic morning run.

Happiness is found in making an elderly woman smile at the mall, after commenting on how beautiful she looks in a sparkly blue dress.

Happiness is found in dining al fresco, taking in the last of the summer sun.


Happiness is having no homework to do.

Happiness is spending the night by a campfire in my pajamas with a Real Simple magazine.


Question: What made you happy today?


13 thoughts on “weekend post: ‘happiness’

  1. Playing around with my new camera made me really happy! So did the sunshine, and baking bread! Today was a happy day!

  2. Happiness is how mouthwatering this post is. Haha.. I think I just drooled everywhere. That dinner (lunch?) looks so fabulous 🙂 I’ve been CRAVING sweet potatoes lately… I baked one yesterday only to split ot open and realize that it had gone bad. Not cool.

    Luckily, I sought happiness in a bowl of savory oatmeal for dinner instead. Yum.
    ❤ Tat

  3. great post, i love that quote! i am with you on the dining al fresco.. did that last night and thought about it possibly being the last of summer! eep!

  4. Happiness is reading this post and mentally visualizing all of the happy images you created 🙂

    Today a good run, a bright sun and a batch of chocolate chip cookies have made me happy so far.

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