Strength Training

I’m a cardio girl at heart.  My idea of physical activity includes anything that revolves around running, jumping, leaping, climbing or hitting.  However, I also know there are a ton of health benefits to strength training as well.  According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention,) moderate amounts of strength training can help reduce the symptoms and/or likelihood of osteoporosis, arthritis, obesity, depression, and back pain to name a few.  Not to mention that there is a positive  association between strength training, better sleep and a better overall mindset!

I’ll admit, I had a hard time getting myself motivated for this morning’s strength training workout.  But starting anything new is always challenging.  I remember when I first began running, and how tough it was to get myself out the door (I still have my moments, but they’re much, much less frequent! :mrgreen: )  I’m guessing that I just need to stay motivated for the first couple months of strength training, keep my goals at a reasonable level, and continue challenging myself with new and fun moves! 

Before working out my arms and abs for 30 minutes, I had a big bowl of Pumpkin Yogurt Mess!

  • 6-oz. plain yogurt
  • 1/2 c. canned pumpkin
  • cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves
  • 1 c. kashi heart to heart
  • 1 very large banana
  • 1/2 a whole wheat pumpkin ‘n’ raisin muffin
  • 1 T. crunchy peanut butter

Quick.  Easy.  Nutritious.  Filling.  Tasty.  What’s not to love?

Never underestimate the filling power of pumpkin’s fiber content! :mrgreen:  It held me over all morning long until I was in my Nutrition Seminar (speech class…eeks!) which is when I noshed on some orange slices and a cheesestick.

Thanks to your motivational tips from the last post, I managed to get myself organized last night so that I would have a bit of extra AM time this morning.  My clothes were laid out, my backpack was packed, and my water bottle was good to-go.  I even managed to put all of my snacks and lunch together!

For lunch, I smeared 1/4 c. spinach artichoke hummus on two slices of whole wheat ‘n’ flax bread and added some sliced tomatoes and greens. 

…and included some raw veggies to complete my lunch! 😀

I’m really loving my Nutrition Counseling class so far.  Even though I don’t necessarily plan on focusing solely on counseling for my future career in dietetics, I love how useable this type of information is.  Whether working with clients in a hospital, talking with friends, or working in the community setting, counseling is something that pertains to all of it.  Having some sort of knowledge on communication and listening skills is so interesting and useable!  I’ve always had an interest in Psychology, so it’s great being able to combine it with nutrition. 😀

After lecture, I snacked on some almonds and an apple that I had stashed away in my pack in case of a grumbly stomach.

After a long day of classes and a long commute to home, it was the most wonderful experience to walk in my house and see dinner already on the table!

Mom was hard at work making a Spinach and Shrimp Fettuccine.  I’m going to try and steal the recipe from her if I can, because this is probably one of my favorite meals of the year.  It needs to be shared with you! :mrgreen:  The shrimp was soft and plump, the spinach was tender, and there was such a wonderful, roasted garlic flavor throughout.  So delish!  I like how healthy this meal is as well.  It’s an olive oil base (without the need for too much oil!) and the shrimp makes for a nice, lean protein choice.  I don’t normally get much spinach in my diet either, so this was a nice way to include it in a tasty, delicious way. 😀

I included a simple side salad with garbanzos for some extra veggies and crunch.

Still feeling a little hungry, I grabbed a homemade granola bar for a snack/dessert.

Off to grab a snack and finish up some homework for the night!!!

How do you feel about strength training?  Love it?  Hate it?  Do it anyways because of the positive results and health benefits?  Like I said, I’m deifnitely not one for loving strength training!  But I do know that the health benefits make it worth adding to my regular workout routine.  Besides—with time—who knows?  I may end up loving it as much as I love running! 😀

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16 thoughts on “Strength Training

  1. I’m taking a nutrition counseling class too! It seems really interesting

    I’m definitely a cardio girl but I try and strength train twice a week. I don’t hate it, but I need some new moves!

  2. When I was a gym rat, I loved to lift. I did very little cardio. But, now I love to run. So, for the purpose of balance, I have incorporated 3 days of lifting. Nothing major, just triceps, shoulders, biceps, back and abs (do abs count?)

  3. Is that spinach artichoke hummus from Whole Foods? I’ve heard of it, but couldn’t find it anywhere there! If it is from WF, where exactly was it, and what brand?

  4. I love the new header pic!

    I was just thinking about strength training yesterday, and how I have to be careful I don’t turn into a cardio queen. I am really starting to love doing strength, but I love running even more 😉

  5. i am NOT good at strength training, which i why i do yoga all the time. i feel strong being able to hold up my own body weight!

    ummm yes please on that recipe – dinner looks PHENOM!

  6. Mmm, I love homemade granola bars!
    I was just writing a post for next week about how I can’t find canned pumpkin ANYWHERE, I’m jealous you have some! I want it.

    I love strength training. It’s just a good way to balance the cardio, as sometimes I get sick of cardio. I enjoy strength training more!

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