Parkers Barn

Oh Parkers Barn, how I love thee… :mrgreen:

I’m usually so predictable when it comes to ordering breakfast foods at this restaurant.  After all, when pumpkin pancake with fresh maple syrup (which they make right in their own sugar house) is on the menu, who’s to resist? 

However, this time, I strayed away from normalcy and ordered a mix-match of different selections.  It started with a side of their homemade wheat bread, toasted.  Then I added on a glass of milk and a scrambled egg.  The star of the show, however were the mixed maple beans.  They’re firm but tender with a subtle hint of maple.  And not too sweet.  Just  perfect.  I practically licked my plates and bowls clean in utter delight. :mrgreen:

Favorite.  Breakfast.  Place.  Ever.

Nicole and I both felt like meandering through the gift shop, where we admired all the fancy teas and maple products.

We also fell upon a flea market which was packed with people selling random odds and ends.  And two adorable miniature horses which both of us wanted to take home…haha.

I wouldn’t mind if every Saturday was like today. :mrgreen:

Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend!

Question: Do you tend to order the same thing when you’re going out to eat, or do you always choose something different?

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Hi and Welcome!!! I'm a 30 something year old who loves Jesus, nutrition, green tea, my family and my tuxedo cat named Humphrey. I enjoy photography, cooking and working at the local hospital as a Registered Dietitian. Thanks for stopping by!

14 thoughts on “Parkers Barn

  1. Everytime we go to breakfast at Garden Grill, I order their hash. It’s boring to get the same thing every time, but I seriously couldn’t imagine anyone anywhere making a better hash than they do.

  2. i rarely go out for breakfast now that i think about it, but when i do i go all out with fluffy pancakes 🙂 especially with blueberries or chocolate chips!

    at my family’s fav dinner place in our town though, i get the same 3 dishes. which i alternate between at least hehe

  3. Mixed maple beans?! Those are two of my favorite things in one dish. Delicious.

    I also love that first picture of you–love the black and white with the pop of color!

    and I actually usually like to try to order new things===always want to try new things!

  4. Depends where I go out to eat.. Some places, it’s almost always the same thing. Other places, I like to mix it up. For example, there’s a tavern by a friends place that I’ll go to, and I’ll order the same thing every time. Yet, a little cafe by where I live, I mix it up all the time, although I do predominantly order breakfast. My favorite lunch spot on Fridays, it’s different all the time (although their margarita pizza is getting ordered more frequently)..

  5. I am a (mostly) proud creature of habit as well! It would be a pretty big toss up between the beans and the pancakes though! Keep enjoying your weekend!

  6. looks like such a great day! I have a feeling I would LOVE this restaurant too! I tend to order an egg white omelete with veggies (and I love breakfast potatoes) but there is one diner we go to sometimes where I always order the maple walnut pancakes. Yum! Now I’m hungry! (cute pics, by the way!)

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