running partner

I am not a night runner.

I get up early.  I wake up with the sun.  I run in the crisp morning air.  I indulge in the smells of coffee and bagels and fried eggs. 

At night, I am sleepy.  Ready to relax with a good magazine.  Or maybe fit in a quick yoga session.  Maybe.

I am not a night runner. 

Putting that all aside, tonight I ran my heart out.

Dad and I have made a mutual agreement to set aside both Tuesday and Thursday nights for running, as it fits nicely into both of our schedules.  And, really, I think having a runner partner is going to do me—and my motivation—a world of good.  There are definitely times when I’d rather not run (yes, especially at night!) and having someone who’s up and ready keeps me going.

My dad pushes me harder than I think I’m capable of.  He dashes up hills.  He pushes through moments of feeling tired.  Just after a week or so of running consistently with his pace, I feel like my endurance has already improved dramatically.

A breezy 3 miles felt absolutely invigorating! 😀

And then I came home to eat a gigantic sardine sandwich. :mrgreen:

Forget those thoughts of slimy, canned fish.

When sardines are heated in a pan, mashed together with dijon (or even honey mustard) and mixed with crunchy, diced celery, the results are pretty darn yummy.  Place in between two toasted slices of seedy bread, and serve with a mixture of your favorite veggies. 😀 

I am exhausted tonight.  My second day at the hospital left me with a huge workload, along with a mixture of fear and excitement.  Once I fell into the groove, however, I found myself really enjoying it.  Nutrition assessments.  Education (I love the elderly patients! 😀 ).  Nutrition screening.  I think I’ll learn a lot.  And very quickly. 😉

Tomorrow, I’ll be on my own for a couple of hours in the early morning.  Ready or not, here I come. 😀

Question: Do you have an exercise partner or do you prefer going solo? 


17 thoughts on “running partner

    • Me too. I run first thing, when I haven’t spent all my energy at work. In the evening I relax: reading, watching DVDs, knitting, etc.

  1. Hospital rotations sound scary, but so interesting at the same time! And I LOVE sardine salad – thanks, Kath 😀

    As for an exercise partner, it really depends on my mood!

  2. I love that you eat sardines so frequently. I’ve only ever eaten them in Spain and think Americans generally have an aversion to them that is totally unjustified! They are tasty and nutritious and I will have to buy some and try this. Canned salmon is also good to mix it up and get your omegas.

    I wish my Dad would run with me! He’s a serious walker though, so sometimes I run into him out on the trail 🙂

    • Mmm…you’re right, salmon makes for a great twist in flavors and offers a healthy punch of omega-3’s. Thanks for the reminder! 😀

  3. I have a running partner, but the problem is he needs me to motivate him. And as I am sleepy after dinner, we haven’t been doing so well… Ha, ha. But we’ll get there!! If I didn’t have a gym membership right now, I’d so join you and Dad. 🙂 Although I have a hard time running in this cold, so you migt have to carry me back. 😉

    • I thought it was meant to be a before shot: tired, heads hanging, black and white. Then after: cheerful, energetic, colour.

    • Haha, it kind of looks as if, doesn’t it? 😉

      But actually, the picture is just a way to put my feelings into photo. Tired. Ready for bed. Not a night runner. That would be the pre-run feelings. 😉

  4. I’ve never had an exercise partner, so I wouldn’t know if it helps. One things I like about running is that I can do it whenever I want. No need to be tied to a schedule (like with the swimming pool), no need to wait for someone else to come along (like with tennis). It’s very flexible.

    In the summer I do go for bike rides with my husband, but I don’t really think of it as exercise, just as recreation, and anyway I am more fit and motivated than he is. When he joins me I actually have an even more leisurely and slow-paced ride than usual.

  5. Love all of those beautiful vegetables!

    I like to run on my own, but I think it’s because I worry that if I were to run with a buddy, I’d slow them down. I have to gain more confidence this spring when I get into running again, and look into running with friends.

    • I’ve had those same fears! It’s different with my dad, because I feel comfortable enough to tell him I need to slow down. 😉

      Usually if I’m out running with friends, I’ll let them know that it’s okay if they run ahead and set their own pace if they feel like it. That way I don’t feel bad if I’m running a slower pace than what they’re used to. 😀

  6. Ditto to everything you said about running! Mornings are my ideal running time. I love running first thing in the morning, before the sun comes up and everyone else is awake. I think of it as my special time! Running partners make the world of difference, too. I just started running with my friend and she pushes me more so than if I ran alone.

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