first day :)

First day at the internship!!

(I totally felt like a little kid going to her first day of kindergarten class :mrgreen: )

This morning was a bit crazy.  Crazy.  Yes, that’s the right word. 

5:45 seemed a little way too early for my brain to function.  6:00 left my legs feeling wobbly and jiggly on my three mile run.  An orange did not provide enough energy for even a short run.

And then there was soap in the eye, a stubbed toe, and humidified hair.  Crazy.


But my run made everything alright, despite the insanity.  And so did breakfast.

A couple of you guys were asking about beet leaves and what it’s like in a green monster.   Here’s my take on trying to explain it: it’s a little like spinach meeting kale, falling in love, and having a baby.  The baby would be a beet leaf.  Its flavor isn’t completely subtle, but it’s not in your face like kale either (and I say that with love, because I actually really like kale in my smoothies!)

It also adds a little bit of beet flavor.  So if you love beets, then you’ll probably like flavor of its leaf.  They have a very similar flavor when mixed into a smoothie. 😀

  • 1 c. milk
  • 1 c. frozen blueberries
  • a few handfuls of beet greens
  • topping: Natures Path Pumpkin Flax Granola

On the side, I had two slices of homemade 100% whole wheat bread for some whole grain goodness.  Smothered in peanut butter.  Mmm…

Refreshed and energized.  Ready for the new day. 😀

The orientation for my internship went really well today.  The 9 fellow interns all seem super nice, and I’m already realizing that we’ll have quite a bit in common.  Let’s just say that there was definitely more than just one foodie in the room. 😉

I’m also realizing that there is going to a be a lot—a lot—of new and exciting opportunities.  From working in the pediatric nutrition department, to working in a cardiac health program, to working in the local school systems.  There’s a lot of stuff coming at me and I’m excited to see where each direction leads me. 😀

Oh, and the presentation went pretty well too.  I’m a little out of practice of presenting, but I think overall it came out okay.  That’s another thing I’ll have the opportunity to brush up on during this internship. 😉


Tired.  So, so tired.  I need to figure out what time I need to get up tomorrow, and I promise—promise, promise—to take my camera and take some pictures once the internship (officially) gets going. 😀

Question: How much time do you need to get ready in the morning before heading out to work/school/etc.?  Not counting workout time, I need about 45 minutes.


19 thoughts on “first day :)

  1. Congrats on completing your first day!! You looked very cute! I hate when the humidity messes with my hair, but I’d take it any day over cold weather. 😉 I hate to admit this but it takes me a good hour and 15 minutes to get ready. It’s because of straightening my hair. :-/ Hope tomorrow goes just as well!!

  2. Congrats on finishing your first day! Sounds awesome 🙂 Ever since I started college, my desire to look “perfect” has diminished GREATLY. I can get ready in half an hour if I need to, but I hate rushing in the mornings so I usually don’t do that.

  3. Happy ur first day went well, that sounds really exciting and promising! i 2 hours! a small 20 minute workout, 40 minutes to get dressed etc… and the rest of the time to make and enjoy breakfast! 🙂

  4. forty-five minutes?!? Not counting workout time I need about fifteen, or twenty! I’ve always been rather low maintaiance though when it comes to hair and makeup. Plus, I’m pretty organized so I usually have already picked out what I am going to wear 😛

    Congrats on the intern! I am really excited for you, and I can’t wait to hear more about it.

    … That homemade bread looks so delicious. I’ve never thought to make my own!
    ❤ Tat

  5. I’m glad your first day went well!!

    If I have already chosen my clothes for the day and my hair is tame, I can be ready in 15 mininutes. However, if I can’t decided what to wear and my hair has a mind of its own, it will take me 30 minutes. My motivation to get dressed fast is that breakfast is waiting!

  6. Your outfit (and new haircut) look great for the internship! It sounds like you’re going to get a lot of variety and have fun 🙂

    In the mornings I need at least 45 minutes, sometimes more because of packing lunch, making and eating breakfast, and taking care of my doggy 🙂

    Have a great day! 🙂

  7. Congrats on the first day. It’s always exciting to start a new chapter, and to meet new people. Sounds like a good adventure.

    I need about an hour in the morning, which is funny because I don’t do too much (hair or makeup-wise), but I like to sit and read email and blogs for a while, which takes time.

  8. So glad the first day went well!

    I need at least 30 minutes in the morning, but the more the better. I don’t like rushing around, so I try to give myself a whole hour — that way I can take my time when I eat breakfast!

  9. Congrats on your first day! I’m not sure how much you’re allowed to share with us on your blog, but I’m excited to read about what you can tell us about your experiences! 😀

    I only need about 10 minutes to get dressed and do my hair/make up but I like to have another hour on top of that to make my breakfast and eat it at a leisurely pace haha.

  10. Yay for your first day!! I also really want to try beet greens now. I had no idea they had a beet-like flavor. Delsih.

    To shower and get ready takes me just a little over 30 minutes, but like you, I work out in the AM, so I end up giving myself about 2 hours.

  11. I’m glad you had a good first day on the internship! It sounds like it will be a very exciting job!

    I usually do not take too long, I can be out the door in 30 minutes if I have my outfit set out the night before.

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