weekend post: snow, shopping, and silly hats

We had our first official snowfall last night!

A fluffy white dusting covered everything from head to toe.  Oh how I love this time of the year. 

In fact, I take back everything I said about not liking the cold; this morning I felt like a little kid in a playground.  And if it absolutely must be cold outside before we can enjoy a fresh new layer of snow—if there’s absolutely no way to skirt around the issue—then I’ll take the chilly 10 degrees.  😀

I love the way the thin, crisp layer of snow crackles and crunches under my feet while I’m running. 

Music to my ears.

I’m kind of loving winter right now.  I hope this feeling lasts a long, long time. 😉

Know what else I’m loving right now?

Shopping (and eating) with mom…

…and shopping with my bestie.

There’s something special about shopping with family.  They’re not afraid to say, “ugh, I don’t like that!”  And they’re also not afraid to say, “oh my word, you look awesome!” 

I love both of these gals to bits. 😀

You probably know this by now, but we tend to shop till we drop.   Today we shopped until we dropped after dropping.  This is dangerous territory.

This is the territory where you start laughing for no apparent reason at all.  Or crying.  Whichever comes first.

This is where you try on silly hats.  Or stare at people without realizing that you’re staring at people until they start staring back. 

Yes.  Dangerous territory.

(p.s. Silly or not, I kind of wanted this hat.  Just in a bigger size. 😉 )

It was quite the successful shopping day.  I didn’t leave with any new hats, but I did find a new winter coat that was more than half the original price.  And I purchased a couple of Christmas gifts for family. 

No Christmas Eve gift shopping for me this year!

And, most importantly, we had fun. 

Yes.  It was a very successful shopping trip.

Question: Do you have snow where you live?


13 thoughts on “weekend post: snow, shopping, and silly hats

  1. We had really heavy snow fall for the last week, housebound kinda stuff, its gone now, but supposed to come back next week, grrr! it gets really annoying! im goin shopping with my mom today too!!! xx

  2. The hat looks absolutely fabulous! You must go back and get it!!

    No snow here 😦 The closest to snow we are going to get is a very cold frost that looks likes snow! Oh well! I’ll just have to dream of snow.

  3. We have about a foot of snow here already! I kind of wish I lived in a place that just got a nice dusting of it instead. That looks so pretty!

    Plus, having so much snow makes driving absolutely horrible… and even taking the dogs for a walk can be difficult! At least it’s sparkly 🙂

  4. Yep we definitely get some snow where I live. Actually it’s supposed to snow a lot this week, but I’m down in Florida 🙂

    I love shopping with my mom! It’s definitely more fun than going solo.

  5. We have lots of snow here. I’m hoping to go sledding today 🙂
    Your post almost made me cry today. It’s so true that shopping with family is the best- they’re always honest and the past few days my sister has been shopping for her wedding dress but she lives in OR and I live in MT. She’s been sending me pics but it’s not the same; I wish I were there to help her out 😦

  6. I think I agree with almost everything you said. The comment about family, the shopping, the trying on funny hats… Also, I’ve been meaning to ask you… would you do a blogger meet up with me? We are both located in nearly these same location!

  7. I always complained I hated the cold until it snowed, too. Then I remembered – I do love snow 😉 (for the first couple weeks, at least :P)
    I’ve gotta say – I love that hat! I have one like it and I don’t care how silly it is, that thing keeps me WARM.

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